Five Moons Rising by Lise MacTagueFive Moons Rising by Lise MacTague is a brilliant urban fantasy romance. Malice is a specially engineered hunter with one job – keep the nightmare creatures from causing too much havoc. You see, werewolves, vampires, demons and other monsters, known as supranormals, are real. For the most part they go about their business and humans are never aware of their existence. But sometimes they go rogue or decide to make a meal of a human and the government cannot allow that. So they put one of their hunters on the job.

Hunter Mary Alice Nolan, codename Malice, keeps her day job a secret from her mother and sister. They don’t know that she has heightened senses, super strength or a long list of successful kills and Malice wants to keep it that way.

Ruri Samson has been a werewolf for more than a century. She is happy being the Beta in her pack under an alpha who she respects and will die for. She has a relatively new girlfriend who she thinks she can love and she is happy in life. In a lightning speed turn of events she is betrayed and her pack is destroyed. She barely manages to escape with her life and now she finds herself a lone wolf. Injured and alone, Ruri struggles to survive let alone put back the fragments of the life she had.

Worlds collide when Malice is forced into a situation that she cannot handle alone and needs a werewolf’s help. Even though Malice and Ruri don’t start off under the best of circumstances they soon find out that there is something between them. Something stronger than the hate they should feel for one another.

In a wonderfully constructed, epic and sexy story you will find out who destroyed Ruri’s pack and why. You will discover what happens when Malice feels like she has no choice and you will see why the government is determined that family ties should be severed by all hunters.

Why This Should Be A Series

Bella Books absolutely needs to pick this up as a series. This should be book one of at least ten novels because there are so many amazing characters and storylines to explore.

MacTague introduced a number of awesome side characters who could each have their very own spin off because they are just so interesting.

The world that she built felt like it could be so much bigger and it would be satisfying just to explore the world more even if you have different main characters for each book.

Why I Am In Love

Ruri is quite possibly my favorite  of all of MacTague’s characters. She is also arguably my favorite werewolf ever.

MacTague really got into her head and gave us a beautiful account of what it would be like to be a werewolf. It was so wonderfully done that I now have a massive book crush.

Why It Hits My MUST-READ list

sheena's favouritetaras favourite lesbian booksThis book is absolutely brilliant. It is filled with memorable characters and a plot that will keep you coming back to it even when you know you should be working or sleeping or doing something else.

I couldn’t keep my attention on anything even remotely productive and just wanted to finish the story.

Get the book. And then hold on tightly. This is a ride you are unlikely to forget.

Excerpt from Five Moons Rising by Lise MacTague

She barely kept her feet, hunched over as she was, trying desperately to fill her lungs with air. The large pillar kept her hidden well enough for now, but it wouldn’t be adequate concealment for long. The stitch in her side was nothing compared to the knot of fire higher up along her rib cage. The bastard was damn fast. If she’d been almost any other human, she would be lying dead on the floor, a crater bashed into her rib cage. As it was, her torso bled slowly from half a dozen puncture wounds. Whatever he was he was covered in spikes. That had been a surprise. She was lucky it hadn’t been worse. There was none of the grinding that would have accompanied broken ribs.

Sucking in a slow deep breath, she tried to focus on her surroundings through her agony. Beyond herself, she listened as hard as she could for the slightest whisper out of place.

The darkness of the loft pressed in on her and seemed to swallow all sound. All she could hear was her strained inhalations. She struggled to get them under control. If she could hear herself breathing, chances were the thing hunting her could as well.

Where is he? He’s gotten the drop on her, moving faster than she’d believed possible. According to her intel, he was little more than a run-of-the-mill demon, though of a type they’d never seen before. It hadn’t stopped him from clawing out his own little corner of the shadow-world.

Why did it have to be a demon? She hated demons the most of the creatures she was set to take down. Demons came in so many horrible flavors, not like the rest of the supra normals. Werewolves and vampires started out human, at least. Demons were so different they might have been from an alien planet, not that her superiors would confirm or deny that. Human values meant nothing to them; they simply didn’t operate on anything near the same set of morals. Fortunately, there weren’t that many of them. Hunting vamps and furries took up most of her days. Confrontations with demons and the fae were fewer and further between.

She hadn’t dealt with fairies and changelings enough to get a handle on them. They’d been brought up in training, but she could count the number of interactions she’d had with them on the fingers of one mutilated hand. Demons on the other hand… Her theory on demons, not shared by her employer, was that they came from another dimension. Such ideas bordered on the mystical and were not accepted by the United States government, but their theories had so many holes and required such mental gyrations that they weren’t any more reasonable. She’d never met a demon she could stand to share a room with. Her current quarry was no exception.

A brush of air across her cheek was her only warning. She dropped to her knees, one hand on the floor, the other slicing through the air, the katana an unthinking extension of her body. His hand thudded into the pillar where her head had been less than half a breath before. Masonry exploded and small bits showered down on her head. The katana bit, blade sliding deep into his thigh. A hiss that turned into a wordless shriek was her satisfaction.

Determined not to lose her advantage, she surged to her feet, turning the sword in both hands and lining up for another strike. As fast as she was, the demon was faster.

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  • ISBN number: 9781594935374
  • Publisher: Bella Books

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