Fire On The Ice by Tamsen ParkerFire On The Ice by Tamsen Parker needs a warning label, saying: May cause spontaneous combustion due to steamy and extremely carnal sexual portrayals. Do not read without a bucket of ice within reach. I’ll admit, I was worried this story would be too overtly sexual for my tastes. However, what I discovered was an engaging story about two women who are crazy attracted to each other and express it without limits.

The Snow and Ice Games have come around once again, and the competition isn’t the only thing that’s heating up. Four years ago speed skater, Blaze Bellamy, and figure skater, Maisy Harper, indulged in a marathon of carnal activities to alleviate the pain of missing the medal podium. This time around, Maisy is determined that she and Blaze start up where they left off. This time without the disappointment of loss fueling their desires. They have three weeks to explore the sensual, the naughty, and the lascivious aspects sex has to offer. They enjoy heating each other up in the bedroom, but their diverging personalities put their flames on ice when out in public. Can these two women find common ground to keep the passion going? Or will their affair end once the games are over? 

The Characters

Fire and Ice are not only the words in the title. They are the words that aptly describe each of the women in the story. Blaze is obviously fire. She is very brazen and raw about who and what she’s doing. While it may seem like she’s just a lothario looking to get laid, and gain attention, it’s really much more than that. She believes respecting her partner(s) is key to any relationship. It’s part of a distinctive, and appropriate, trait Parker gave to her, which is that Blaze is polyamorous. She enjoys sex with a variety of people at any given time. However, she always communicates to her partners, and respects their feelings and wishes. The identifying as poly is actually one of the characteristics I like about her. It totally fits her fiery attitude towards the pleasures in life. But even someone as sex driven as Blaze has soft spot for one person who turned her world upside down four years earlier.  That someone is Maisy Harper.

Maisy is the ice to Blaze’s fire. She has even gone so far as being dubbed “Ice Princess” by news magazines. She is constantly ridiculed by her parents, and her coaches about her skating performance. It’s no wonder she shuts out the rest of the world. But the ice is just facade to Maisy’s fire that is smoldering below the surface. And only one person can draw it out and spread like a wildfire: Blaze Bellamy. When Maisy is with Blaze, she can be open and honest about her desire to explore certain sexual activities. She feels with Blaze she has a kindred spirit, someone who is willing to try whatever Maisy suggests to achieve maximum sexual pleasure. With Blaze, Maisy can discover her sensuality without the worry of being ridiculed for her curiosity and her desire.

The Writing Style

This story uses a format some readers are not a fan of, which is duel first person perspective. It can be difficult to read this style if the author doesn’t make it clear as to whose point of view we are reading, as well as changing point of views without a clear reason. This is what can make it frustrating. However, I did not find this style frustrating. In fact, I believe Parker was clever to use this format because it allowed her to highlight a quality that both Maisy and Blaze share: they enjoy giving pleasure to their partner. Each time Parker shifts the perspective, there is genuine intent to show the reader how much each woman enjoys this aspect of sex. Yes, we also see them enjoy the finer points of receiving. However, I love the focus Parker puts on giving as much, if not more, than receiving pleasure. It really displays the more vulnerable side of Maisy and Blaze. By showing their vulnerability, their relationship becomes less fleeting and more substantial.

The Pros

The emphasis on the giving of pleasure to your partner was a big positive for me. And the way Parker made hard, intentional shifts between the characters’ point of views helped it flow easily and allowed me to follow the story effortlessly.

The Cons

Unfortunately, I have one issue with this book. I couldn’t read it in public. At all. Every scene is sensual and steamy, and I was blushing profusely in the privacy of my own apartment. So, don’t even attempt to read this story in a coffee shop, or a book store, or wherever you like to go to enjoy a good book. Best place to read this is soaking in an ice bath in your personal tub. Trust me, this story will warm up the water quickly.

The Conclusion

I was surprised by how much I loved this story. Parker balances the erotic exploration and the developing intimacy beautifully. It’s extremely promiscuous and sexy, yet also affectionate and expressive. I recommend this book on every occasion you’re in the mood for a story that doesn’t shy away from the pleasures of the flesh. But in case that doesn’t entice you, then I highly recommend it for readers who are experiencing vast amounts of snow and freezing temperatures. All you need is this book to warm you up. So, forget the fire in the fireplace and grab Fire On The Ice today.

Excerpt from Fire On The Ice by Tamsen Parker

I perch on my stool, cross my legs, and lean back against the bar, waiting. Watching. Blaze is getting hugs, kisses, and gropes from all sorts of people – it doesn’t appear to matter who – and I follow her with my gaze.

Her hair is longer than the last time, although just as unnaturally fiery red. And while basically everyone else is wearing pants because it’s cold outside…Blaze is not. Short skirt, really effing short, with a short puffy jacket that emphasizes her narrow waist, her shapely butt, and jeez, those thick thighs that make my mouth water.

Those thighs that four years ago were pressed to the sides of my head while she rode my face and I left bruises on her ass from gripping her so hard.

At least she’s had the good sense to wear leggings, although they’re so thin they can’t be doing much in the way of keeping her warm, and…cowboy boots, because she can’t help herself. Who am I to talk? Around her, I can’t help myself, either.

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*This book is part of a five book series authored by Tamsen Parker. However, Fire On The Ice is the only one in this series that features a F/F romance.

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