The Fifth Gospel by Michelle GrubbThe Fifth Gospel by Michelle Grubb is set in Rome where a shocking discovery leads to dark secrets. Is the leader of the Catholic Church hiding something that could change the world?

Investigative journalist Flic Bastone overhears a startling conversation she can’t ignore. There is no proof, nor does she want any. Poking into Vatican affairs is dangerous. Aware that the secret could soon be exposed to the world, Flic hastily pens a novel that shares alarming similarities to the uncovered truth.

Eager to capitalize on what they recognize as a best seller, Griffin Publishers fast-tracks the novel to print, propelling marketing guru Anna Lawrence and Flic on a grueling promotional tour. Pushed closer together when attempts are made on Flic’s life, their growing attraction intensifies. Who’s targeting Flic? And will Anna move beyond her own religious beliefs while their worlds fall apart?

The Characters

Flic (Felicity) is intelligent, adorably scattered and is simultaneously highly self-aware and completely clueless about how she is perceived.

Anna, in contrast, is struggling with self-awareness and a heavy dose of denial. This sets up the glorious tension lesfic readers crave.

Thank goodness Flic has her best friend Laura and Anna has her gay best friend and flat-mate Seb. These characters do a brilliant job of providing insight into the main characters and add a refreshing depth to the story.

The Writing Style

The Fifth Gospel by Michelle Grubb is the first book I’ve read from Michelle Grubb. I can assure you; it won’t be the last. Her style is smart, sexy, and well-crafted. She adds a touch of humor in just the right dose so as not to detract from the tension of the drama, but enough so that it feels real. What I liked best about the book is the intellectual approach she took to dealing with the conflicting matters of faith. The debate was always respectful, despite passionate beliefs. And the characters were a model of open-mindedness. We could learn a lot from these characters in how to conduct our real-life religious debates.

The Pros

Michelle gives us a plausible inside look into the making of a celebrity. It is at once both human and sensational. The suspense delivered a generous dose of adrenaline which fueled your need to turn pages quickly and efficiently. I cannot say enough good things about the quality and substance of the religious debate. Here is where this The Fifth Gospel by Michelle Grubb went from a good story to a great story. It stands above in its ability to teach as well as entertain.

The Cons

It ended.

The Conclusion

From a lesbian perspective, The Fifth Gospel by Michelle Grubb is a toaster oven story. And you know we all celebrate a successful recruitment. But it is so much more than that. The poignant philosophical dialogue turned me into an instant and forever fan of Michelle Grubb.

Excerpt from The Fifth Gospel by Michelle Grubb

“Jesus, we have trains to get around this big city you know.” Laura reached through the crowd and pulled Flic, hot and sweaty, unceremoniously through to the front of the bar. Standing a foot taller than Flic, Laura pushed her into prime, front row position.

Flic struggled to catch her breath. “I used the Tube.”

“Did you forget to get off again?”

Once, only once did Flic forget to get off the train, and Laura hadn’t let her live it down. “I’m so unfit.” She sucked in stale pub air. “Has it started yet?”

“They announced they’ll be reporting breaking news, but I doubt the Vatican works to the same schedule as the BBC, so we’ll just have to wait.”

Flic watched as Laura checked her phone for Twitter updates from Rome. “Should be any second now.”

Flic shrugged. All this smartphone technology gave her a headache.

“I have a hunch you’re right about this.” Laura rested a protective arm on Flic’s shoulder after an enthusiastic patron roughly bumped into her, a ricochet action from all the pushing and jostling toward the rear of the bar.

Flic glared at the screen. It was midday and a program about antiques had returned to viewing. With no one remotely interested, most people had resumed talking amongst themselves, and she noticed the doors had been closed to prevent overcrowding. At times like these, pubs and cafes were where most people flocked to hear and see the unfolding of big media events, and today was certainly a big event. In recent years, the Vatican had made much noise, albeit controversial, about remaining “strong” and “true” to their beliefs and values on many social issues. With rumors circulating in all levels of media, it was only natural that people would want to bear firsthand witness to possible life-altering revelations.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 1626394474
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

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Note: I received a free review copy of The Fifth Gospel by Michelle Grubb for review. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion, I refuse to review books.


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