Fianna the Gold by Louisa KelleyFianna the Gold by Louisa Kelley is a paranormal romance that brings dragons and magic back to the world.

Centuries ago, after the last human-dragon war, the Draca queen Nareen petitioned the Draca gods for the magic to create another world, hidden from the human world, where dragons could live in peace. For all those long years, dragons have hidden from humans, visiting the human world in human form, but never revealing themselves.

Now, however, there seems to be a rise in the number of human-dragon hybrids, and the dragons need to find these hybrids before their nature is revealed. Fianna, and her two sister-Draca, Orla and Guin, have been sent to the human world to find the newest human-dragon hybrid and bring her back to the dragon world before she exposes their secret to humans.

The problem is that someone already knows about the secret, and she’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants from the strange girl who can turn into a dragon. But she isn’t the only one. One of the dragons knows how special this new dragon hybrid is, and he has his own plans for the new dracling. The biggest problem is that Abbie, the new hybrid, has no clue herself about her own dual nature. All she knows is that all her life a lot of weird stuff has happened to her, and the events in the last couple of weeks have topped the cake.

Now the race is on. Fianna and her friends have to find Abbie, convince her of who she is and that they aren’t crazy, and save her before the unscrupulous human and dragon can carry out their plans. Oh, and before more humans find out about dragons. Piece of cake, right?

The Characters

There are a lot of characters to like in this book. Abbie is strong-willed, spunky, and has a sarcastic wit that allows her to joke about the fact that her life keeps turning corners into Weirdville. At the same time, she has a young, almost innocent joie de vivre, that shows in her interest and curiosity about the world around her, and allows her to meet the challenge of this new world head on. It sounds like some of her draconic traits have seeped through her unconscious mind and gotten her in trouble in the past. It’s something she’s taken to heart as a part of her that just can’t make good choices, even though that part keeps telling her that Fianna is the best choice she could ever make.

Fianna is here for redemption. Once considered one of the best teachers of draclings, the dragon younglings, an unfortunate incident on a field trip resulted in her being stripped of her position. She’d do anything to redeem herself in the eyes of the Council and get her job back. Finding the newest dragon hybrid and bringing her to safety is her chance to show that she isn’t a screw up after all. The quest seems easy when Abbie turns up where she’s least expected, but Fianna knows that nothing is as easy as it looks. When things don’t add up, Fianna knows there’s more going on than meets the eye. The problem is that after meeting Abbie, her dragon keeps pushing her towards the younger woman, and the more Fianna gets to know Abbie, the closer she wants to get.

Orla and Guin make up the rest of Fianna’s team. The friends are there to back Fianna up and get the mission done. And it’s a good thing they’re there too, because by the end of this quest, it will take all three of them to foil the insidious plots against Abbie and ensure her safety. As this is a book one of a future series, I can’t help but hope that Orla and Guin become main protagonists in their own stories to find their own happiness.

The Writing Style

Kelley does a good job with pacing, not bogging the narrative down with too much information at one time, but still giving the readers timely background information so that we’re not lost and left out of the loop. Some of that means there’s some foreshadowing so we aren’t as surprised by some revelations as we could be, but Kelley makes the journey enjoyable and interesting, the characters intriguing, and the resolution satisfying. At the same time, we’re left with some questions (no, not cliffhangers, thank goodness) that I, for one, would be very interested in finding the answers to in the next books.

The Pros

Duh. Dragons!

The Cons

The only con I can think of is that there aren’t any other books in the series out yet.

The Conclusion

If you love paranormal romance and are ready for a bit of magic in your world, definitely pick this book up. This is a fun romp, a sweet romance, and a feel-good story with the promise of a return visit to look forward to.

Excerpt from Fianna the Gold by Louisa Kelley

“Hey, I have no idea what happened here. I was lost and exhausted and this was the only place around. So, well, I’m sorry, but no one was home to ask permission and your door was wide open.”

That got an eerie reaction. Smiles vanished, and their expressions cooled. The uncanny, unblinking attention didn’t feel quite so friendly. Abbie sat up straighter, alarmed.

“You mean the door was actually open?” asked Fianna. “The door was shut but unlocked.”

This seemed to perplex her hosts. A long silence fell. They kept giving each other sidelong glances, and Abbie could have sworn some sort of communication was going on, but no one was talking.

She blurted, “I know this might sound crazy, but when I first knocked, I got a little electric shock. But then it went away, so…I didn’t think much about it. Do you guys have an alarm system or something?”

“Oh, yes, actually, we do.” Fianna sounded relieved and the edgy vibes coming from the others visibly eased.

“Not sure how you got past the alarm, though,” Guin said, putting away the broom and rejoining the group. Orla nudged her in the ribs. Abbie watched the interplay with building suspicion.

“Me, either, I guess,” Abbie said. “Glad I did, though. Thank you so much for the rescue, but maybe I should get a start back to my car.”

She had a sudden flash of memory from the night before. A hungry vibe, a hunter’s thrill, a strong sense of hunter and prey. It was too weird. Abbie thrust her chair back. A cascade of bizarre, frightening images scrolled through her head. She jumped to her feet.

“I think I’ll head out.” Her voice sounded odd, deeper than usual. Something new boiled inside of her; new and strangely familiar and not yet trustworthy. “Thanks for the clothes and tea and stuff. Just point me to the Hood trail and I’ll be on my way.” She started edging out of the kitchen, resisting the urge to run.

So bold. So badass. So full of shit.

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