Fenced-In Felix by Cheyenne Blue is the third book in her Girl Meets Girl series. While you don’t need to read the first two books because it’s a standalone romance, I’d recommend reading them anyway just because they’re wonderful!

Felix Jameson is working hard to expand her campground, adding cabins that will bring in extra money as they draw in backpackers and other tourists looking for an authentic Australian outback experience. Running the business all by herself means her days are full with maintaining the campground, running trail rides, taking care of horses, and anything else that can crop up like getting deadly snakes out of the bathrooms (which, seriously, this Canadian is not up for THAT). Felix doesn’t have time for romance or striking up new friendships, but she finds herself drawn anyway to Josie, a drifter who’s taken up a bartending job in the closest town to Felix.

Josie is bubbly and friendly, camping at Felix’s during her days off and sharing ideas for how Felix can make the campground experience even better for the campers. When Josie asks to board her horse, Flame, with Felix and offers a generous amount of money to cover Flame’s feeding, Felix can’t say no. The more time they spend together, the more Felix and Josie seem to be moving toward something special until an enormous wrench is thrown in the works—Flame looks exactly like a racehorse that was recently reported stolen. Is Josie really the woman Felix has been falling for or has she been hiding a seedier side all along?

The Characters

Felix and Josie are the epitome of “opposites attract.” Felix is quiet, steady, and has lived in the same house her whole life. Josie is so full of life that she’s almost incandescent, moving from place to place and never settling anywhere for long. The chemistry burns slowly between them, building in a way that’s satisfying as they move from acquaintances to friends to lovers.

Fans of Never-Tied Nora and Not-So-Straight Sue will be happy to hear that we get to spend quite a bit of time with Nora, Geraldine, Sue, and Moni. You don’t have to have read these books to understand who they are and what their relationship is to Felix, but you’ll appreciate the scenes more if you have read them.

The Writing Style

Fenced-In Felix has an easy style to it. Just like when I read Not-So-Straight Sue, I was entranced by the depiction of life in the outback. The mystery around Flame is interesting and gives a fun twist to what’s otherwise a contemporary romance.

The Pros

I loved Felix when she showed up in Not-So-Straight Sue, so I was really happy to read her story!

The Cons

I wouldn’t call this a full-out con necessarily, but I was surprised to see how little confidence Felix had in herself as a lover, because she sure didn’t show any of that with Sue in Not-So-Straight Sue.

The Conclusion

If you’re interested in a contemporary romance set in the Australian outback, pick up this book!

Excerpt from Fenced-In Felix by Cheyenne Blue

“You live here alone, Felix?” Josie glanced at me sideways as we ambled along.

“Yeah. Since my mother died a few years ago.”

“No partner?” That same sideways look. “Seems to me, going by the propositions I’ve had in the Commercial, that there’s no shortage of willing blokes around.”

I wondered whether to set her right about my sexuality. Normally, I figured it was no one’s business except my own, and it never came up with any of the passing tourists. But Josie had said she’d be back.

“Plenty of blokes,” I said. “But they’re not my type.”

“What is your type?” There was a smile in her voice, along with something more, the tiniest edge of interest, of flirtation.

“Someone who likes the outdoors, down to earth, practical. Honest.”

“That’s it? You’re not asking for Brad Pitt?”

“And female. But they don’t need to look like Angelina Jolie.”I concentrated on Ben’s ears rather than Josie, in case she would withdraw.

“I thought so. No wonder you live alone. Not many pickings around here for us.”

She’d said “us”.

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Never-Tied Nora

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Fenced-In Felix

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  • ISBN number: 978-3955337063
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