Fated-Love-by-RadclyffeFated Love by Radclyffe is a medical romance novel. I do love her medical romances. I think that the medical information that she includes is interesting and adds something to the book that only a trained surgeon would be able to do.

This story is about Quinn Maguire and Honor Blake. Quinn and Honor have both lost something dear to them. Quinn lost the ability to be a surgeon and ended up moving to a new city so that she could still practice medicine. She ends up as a trauma surgeon in the Hospital where Honor is her boss.

Honor lost her life partner a few years before and she still wears her wedding ring as a reminder of her love. Neither woman is looking for love and yet there is an unmistakable attraction.

Can love bridge the uncertainty? Is it enough to heal the wounds of their losses? That is the story that Radclyffe tells in Fated Love.

The Characters

The characters are lovely and the supporting cast is wonderful, quirky and charming. There is a scene between Quinn and Robin that is utterly charming. I don’t want to spoil it but Quinn and Robin are not really big on sharing feelings and they get right to the heart of the matter in a wonderful way.

The Writing Style

I really enjoyed this book, every time I read it. It is a well rounded read that makes me really love the characters.

The thing is, you don’t get to be one of the best known romance authors by doing a bad job. Radclyffe delivers a brilliant book in Fated love.

The Pros

Great read. Wonderful story. Lovely characters. Great support cast.

I also loved that it a decent length. So often romance novels are a bit on the short side for me. This one gives you a bit more meat.

The Cons

Not a thing. This is the perfect romance novel.

Sheena's favourite novels - reviewed on TheLesbianReview.comtaras favourite lesbian booksThe Conclusion

This book is one of my favourites for a reason. It really is an excellent romance and I have been dying to make a romance list just so I could put it on top. Now I can do exactly that because this book made the top of our Top 10 Lesbian Romance novels.

Excerpt from Fated Love by Radclyffe

The reasons that Quinn wanted Honor Blake to think well of her were a little more complicated than simply desiring professional respect. Sure, she wouldn’t mind if the chief of emergency services was impressed with her skills or thought well of her clinical acumen. But Honor wasn’t just her chief, she was also an attractive and intriguing woman. During moments when Honor hadn’t been aware of her scrutiny, Quinn had noticed how Honor’s eyes softened when she smiled and the way her lops curved upward when she laughed. Those events seemed rare, but worth the wait. She wouldn’t mind being the one to make Honor smile that way.

Yeah, right. Remember your own number one rule. Never get involved with a married woman.

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Book Details:

ISBN number: 1933110058

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books