Falling-by-Rebecca-SwartzFalling by Rebecca Swartz was a delightful surprise. The book is well written and has a compelling concept. I was concerned for most of the book that the ending would let me down because I could not see how Swartz could possibly resolve the story in a satisfactory manner. Lucky for me Swartz is far smarter than I am and I was satisfied with the end.

But let me start at the beginning.

The book is about an ex cop, Amy, who now runs a security firm specialising in helping women secure their homes with DIY alarm systems. She is driving cross country on the way to a client when she picks up a hitchhiker named Kael.

Kael and Amy have an immediate attraction even though they are, in many respects, polar opposites.

So begins our very tumultuous journey of discovery. Kael has a dark past and an even darker present that she shares with Amy. Will Amy be able to leave the cop behind and fall for Kael or will it destroy their hope for true love?

This is the question that this book poses and you go on one fun ride to find out.

The Characters

Swartz has done a great job with writing unique and memorable characters. She has told the story from both Amy and Kael’s perspectives giving a deep understanding to the reader. This is especially helpful with allowing us to be okay with some of Kael’s questionable decisions.

She handles the very deep moral questions with a clarity that is often lacking in other works with similar topics. It is very clear how Swartz feels about the question she poses and she writes in such a way that we cannot help but agree.

Side note: After I read the book I sat and pondered how I really felt about the morality of Kael’s character and came to the conclusion that I probably agree with what she was doing, even though it is really questionable. But, then again, it is easier to agree with questionable things when they are presented in fiction.

The Writing Style

Rebecca Swartz writes in a clean, fast paced and adaptive style. She keeps the action moving and builds a complex, brilliant story. She also manages to write slightly differently for each character,  this enhances the feeling and makes us understand the characters deep in our hearts and not just in our heads.

The Pros

I enjoyed the story, the writing style and ending. This is a great book. It was well executed and worth a read.

The Cons

The cover is fine. But this book deserves a brilliant cover, not one that is just fine.

And it deserves tons of marketing because it really is a good product.

sheena's favouriteThe Conclusion

This is exactly the kind of book I love. It was well written, filled with angst and posed a unique an interesting moral dilemma.

It was a very satisfying book and well worth a read. It has become a favourite and I will be looking out for future books by Rebecca Swartz.

Get this book if you like a good action with hot women and a lot of drama.

Excerpt from Falling by Rebecca Swartz

As I neared the figure next to the highway, and noted the slender lines yet defined curves that suggested femininity, my brain seemed to hesitate in its resolve. The hitcher’s stance seemed to be one of complete nonchalance, as if hanging out by the side of the road was simply a way to pass the time of day.

In that brief second as I drew abreast her, we made eye contact. Though her stance was relaxed, and the expression she wore was bored, both bespeaking a I don’t give a fuck if you stop or not; I’m just asking attitude, the look in her eyes as we connected seemed almost challenging, as if she were saying, “Come on. I dare you.”

I felt a strange jolt go through me, and I blinked, and then I was past her. I glanced in my rearview mirror. She still stood in that indifferent manner, but she’d turned her head to watch me drive away. Without thinking, without even pausing to think, I touched a foot to the clutch and the brake, and downshifted.

I pulled off the highway onto the shoulder rather abruptly and came to a stop amid a cloud of dust, scattering gravel beneath my tires. I put the Jeep into neutral, hit the four-ways, and let the engine idle. I looked straight ahead through the windshield, one hand resting lightly on the steering wheel, the other on the gearshift. It felt as if a low electrical current were running through me. My brain felt disconnected, as if it had temporarily shut down. I paid no attention to either. I just waited.

Soon I heard light, unhurried footsteps approaching on the gravel to my right. The comer of my mouth quirked up at that, which surprised me; I tried to ignore that too.

Finally, in the periphery of my vision, there she was, but it was only when she was at the passenger door that I casually turned my head in her direction.

She returned my gaze with a bland look, a hint of curiosity and amusement in her pale blue eyes. They were very arresting, those eyes, intense, surprisingly deep, punctuated by tiny black pupils.


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