Fall to Pieces- Honkytonk Angels Book 1 by Paisley SmithFall to Pieces: Honkytonk Angels Book 1 by Paisley Smith is an erotic romance that is just right when you’re in the mood for a little bit of naughty. Actually, in this case, a whole lot of naughty.

Polly Purefoy is an up and coming singer trying to hit it big in Nashville. Her fresh take on rockabilly music catches the eye of Mallory Hayes. Mallory is a record producer by day and a dominatrix by night. She has plans to create an all-female group called the Honkytonk Angels and Polly looks like the perfect front woman. Mallory has a theory that the perfect band would be a group comprised of submissive band members. Polly is thrilled with the opportunity to front her own group but skeptical that training with a dominatrix will help her reach her goal. She reluctantly agrees to a meeting with Mallory’s friend Vivien.

Vivien Blackheart is a sultry and seasoned Domme known for her ability to train obedient subs. She metes out every type of punishment you can think of in her decked-out dungeon and exacts her own style of discipline. Vivien once became romantically involved with one of her subs and wound up with a broken heart. With her icy resolve in place, she agrees to become Polly’s Domme.

Much to her surprise, Polly enjoys every decadent punishment Vivien serves up. Each long and lust-filled session leaves Polly wanting more. Vivien is determined not to let Polly’s soft vulnerability chip away at her glacial façade.

When Polly decides that she wants Vivien’s love as well as the spankings, will Vivien be willing to take the risk and open her heart?

The Characters

Polly is so refreshing. She has a fierce stage presence and she is just as strong when she’s not performing. She is a student enrolled in a Women’s Studies class and an ardent feminist. I couldn’t help but laugh when she would inwardly debate if a feminist could be a submissive and if she was a submissive could she still be a feminist in good standing. Over the course of the novella it was fun to watch her become bolder as her feelings for Vivien began to take shape.

Vivien is delicious. She is smart, confident, gorgeous, and slightly frightening. She is also very good at what she does. During each of their “appointments” Vivien seems to instinctively know what Polly needs. I love a capable woman! When Vivien is forced to confront her past, Smith shows her at her most fragile and that’s when Vivien becomes truly compelling.

The Writing Style

The story moved at the perfect pace. It never felt like a bunch of words filling the space between wicked sex scenes. There is a story in there as well! I never felt like skimming through the novella to look for just the naughty bits. (It happens. Don’t judge me.) Smith is known for writing erotica and kink that is blisteringly hot, but what I liked about this particular story is that she added some humor here and there which gave it a lighter quality and made the characters more relatable.

The Pros

I loved that Smith chose to use the rockabilly music theme in other aspects of the story. The women’s wardrobe and makeup are always in keeping with the 50’s era and it gives the story something unique in what is often a clichéd genre. There aren’t any leather corsets, patent leather high-heeled boots or dark Goth make-up. If anything, the hair, make-up, and wardrobe choices conjure up images of the actresses from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

The Cons

For me this isn’t a con, it’s more like a parental warning. This book is X-rated. It includes scenes of BDSM and anal play. Please don’t go and buy it, read it, get offended and think, “Damn that Victoria!”

The Conclusion

This book was very entertaining and lots of fun. It’s perfect if you’re looking to escape with something spicy for a couple of hours. I read it in an afternoon and it was a nice change of pace. I don’t read a lot of erotic romance, but when I do I appreciate it when it has a solid story and interesting characters. The novella examined a few reasons why a woman would look for the BDSM dynamic in her life without delving too deeply into psychological motivations. This kept the story effortless and engaging. I’m glad I read it in the privacy of my own home because if I had been at a Starbucks, the bright red blush and quirky smile on my face might have drawn some peculiar stares.

Heat Level (out of 5)

Excerpt from Fall to Pieces: Honkytonk Angels Book 1 by Paisley Smith

Polly resisted the urge to squirm as the dominatrix’s gaze moved over her.

Vivien blotted her lips with her napkin. “I assume from your agreeing to this meeting and coming here that you are willing to participates in this arrangement.”

“Uh…yes.” Although Vivien didn’t appear to be much older than Polly she was so beautiful and sophisticated, Polly felt like a blubbering schoolgirl in her presence. Any courage she’d possessed prior to coming here slipped out of the grasp like a helium-filled balloon on the rise.

“Very well. Then I’ll not waste your time with idle twaddle. After our meeting today, if I permit you to submit to me, you must agree to my terms.”

Polly nodded.

“I am your Mistress. Not your girlfriend. Not your Confidante. And not your lover. This is non-negotiable.”

“Okay…” Polly could see where some clients might hope for more.

Vivien’s eyes narrowed slightly. “I will require strict monogamy from you during your training period. We can renegotiate our business relationship when that is over if you and I so choose.”

“Strict monogamy?”

“Your training will involve a certain amount of sexual domination and submission. That is why I have asked you to bring your test results today and why I shared mine with you. During the training, you are not to engage in sexual activity with anyone but me.” Vivien sipped her coffee as if they were discussing the boarding of a pet rather than sexual submission.

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Fall to Pieces: Honkytonk Angles Book 1,

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