A Fairytale Of Possibilities by Kiki ArcherA Fairytale Of Possibilities by Kiki Archer is a friends to lovers romantic comedy.

It’s the story of Lauren, a wedding planner who has no problems putting together dream weddings, no matter how unreasonable the clients and yet she just can’t tell her best friend of more than ten years that she is in love with her. She is terrified of losing Rachel and ending the best thing she has in her life. But, what if Rachel feels the same and has been trying to find a way to move their relationship to more than just friends?

Things are not so simple though because Rachel is a widow with a young son. Add into the mix a set of in laws who are trying to set her up with their other son and a sudden attraction to a woman from a dating app and Rachel’s life might be a little too complicated.

Lauren, on the other hand, is being pushed by her assistant to do the unthinkable and confess her feelings to Rachel.

Can the friends become more or will it end in disaster?

The Characters

Archer does a fabulous job of adding humorous side characters such as Trevor, the brother in law.

Her main characters were clear and I understood their motivations. I would have liked to get to know Rachel a little more as most of the story was told from Lauren’s point of view.

The Writing Style

Kiki Archer wrote a well paced, funny and sweet story. The moments of intimacy were there. Lauren’s longing for more was there and the book boasts a number of the amusing and cringe worthy moments that are required in a rom com.

There are lines that are just so perfectly brilliant that I have to give Archer serious applause for writing them. For example: It changed the subject and calmed the internal dance party that erupted every time Rachel was cute.

I am also always tickled by how lesbian Archer’s books are with lines like this: Who was she kidding? It was her rampant lesbian desire talking. She pulls no punches and is unashamedly a lady who loves the ladies. It’s something I really appreciate.

The Pros

If you want a sweet and funny romantic comedy that hits all the friends to lovers marks then this is the one for you.

The Cons

If you want a romantic comedy that does something a little different then this is not for you. Archer played it safe and made sure to give us exactly what we would expect.

The Conclusion

It’s a lovely, light read. A perfectly fun beach read. So yes, get it if you want a fluffy pink cotton candy book that makes you feel happy. I bet everyone will be talking about it, so get in there and make sure not to miss this blockbuster.

Excerpt from A Fairytale Of Possibilities by Kiki Archer

Rachel has just gone to a restaurant to meet a date that her in laws have set up for her. When she gets there she sees that it’s Trevor and so she phones Lauren. This is the conversation:

“Where are you?”

“In the toilets! I walked in and saw him in the booth.”

“In where?”


“What the hell are you doing in Nando’s?” Lauren assumed a more upright position on the sofa. “He can’t be there for you.”

“He’s wearing a red beret. Rosemary and Ken told me my date would be waiting a booth wearing a red beret.”

“Why a red beret and why the bloody hell Nando’s?”

“Rosemary and Ken trying to appeal to my quirky side?”

“And the red beret?”

“Helping me feel at ease?”

“By setting you up with weird Trevor?! It wouldn’t matter if he was wearing the most out-there outfit in the most out-there hipster café, its still Trevor!”

“Weird Trevor!”

Lauren laughed. “What’s your plan?”

“I have to go over.”

“You’ve not been over?”

“No! It’s weird Trevor in a red beret, of course I haven’t.”

““Right. Switch me to FaceTime.”


“You need me. Switch me over.” Lauren laughed as her friend’s flushed cheeks filled the screen; it never took much. “Oh, Rachel, I’m so sorry.”

“It always happens to me, doesn’t it?”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine. Tap the camera the other way so I can see out.”

“You’re not seeing out.”

“I need to see out.” Watching the picture change to the toilet mirror and the reflection of her friend looking into her phone, Lauren nodded. “Perfect. Right, I’m with you. I’ll stay with you. I won’t say a word. Prop me up against a glass or something. You can see me. I can see Trevor. I’ll stay by your side so I’ll be fully informed for the after-show de-brief.”

“You can’t date with me.”

“I’ve wanted to date with you since the moment I met you.” It was too good an opportunity to miss.

“Fine, but if you’re with me you can’t make a single noise.”

“I’d be a screamer.”


“Nothing. Stay strong, it’s one for the memory bank.”

Rachel’s laugh was short. “Yeah right: The time my in-laws set me up with my dead husband’s brother.”

“And not the hot tennis coach of a younger brother, but the forever single weird brother whose trousers always do that thing.”

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