Ensnared Hearts by Anna StoneEnsnared Hearts by Anna Stone is an age-gap, workplace romance that focuses on how unlocking your forbidden desires can heal the heart.

Kat Walker is in need of an escape, a distraction from her boring life. She’s broken-hearted after a breakup and spends grueling hours as an intern at Mistress Media. So when the opportunity to accompany her boss to Paris arises, Kat can’t say no, especially since she’ll be spending the week with Lydia Davenport, Mistress Media’s new CFO, and her secret crush. If she can keep her fantasies of the enigmatic woman under wraps, this trip could be a great career move. But if she lets her desire run free, she might end up with something more special.

Lydia Davenport lives a solitary existence. After her wife’s death, she swore off love. Now she prefers a beautiful woman at her feet, calling her “Mistress,” but even that doesn’t hold as much appeal as it once did. Even though she won’t admit it, she wants a woman who is submissive but also a partner. And she has someone specifically in mind. Kat is everything Lydia desires. Too bad she’s totally off limits, no matter how sweet, competent, and sexy she is.

One night is all it takes for Kat to discover Lydia’s dominant side. One night is all it takes for them to unleash each other’s inhibitions. But one night is all it can be, right?

Immersed in a secret, addictive fling, neither woman is prepared for what they find in each other, or what they find within themselves. Can Kat and Lydia break free from the pain of the past, or will their hearts remain locked away forever?

The Characters

Lydia Davenport outwardly appears cold and all business, but she has her reasons. She lost her wife of twenty years, and a love that deep doesn’t disappear. It lingers and makes Lydia believe there is no other chance to find a relationship as meaningful and perfect. So, she shuts down, buries herself in her work…and her play. Nights at the local BDSM club are perfect because no one gets too close emotionally. She is in charge. At work, she’s guarded, but she’s slowly coming out of her shell, at least to the heads of Mistress Media. Yes, her life is lonely, but for the time it feels perfect. That is until Kat Walker invades her mind and her desires, waking her up to possibilities she long thought dead.

Kat Walker may appear innocent, but she’s strong, resilient, and very curious. She’s freshly single after witnessing the ultimate betrayal from her long-time girlfriend. While she doesn’t feel ready to start another relationship, something about Lydia calls to her like a siren’s song. When Lydia awakens her dormant desires, Kat’s curiosity soars. She wants to explore the intriguing, the taboo, and the all-out passion the world of BDSM has to offer. And she wants Lydia to be her teacher.

Convincing Lydia they should act on their mutual desire is easy when they’re in a foreign country, away from prying eyes. But when they decide to continue their affair on home soil, they may find a bond stronger than any rope could restrain.

The Writing Style

I love the sensitivity Stone emphasizes with Lydia and Kat.

The world of BDSM can be a lot for any person to take, especially a person who is not overly familiar with it. Even though Lydia has been a part of that lifestyle for years, she knows she must take great care with Kat, even though her heightened curiosity is enticing. She must ease her into this world, no matter how eager Kat appears. By taking this approach, Stone also eases the reader into this world, showing the respect and intimacy one usually doesn’t realize exists. It’s an approach that allows the reader to satisfy their inquisitive nature without delving too deep into the harder aspects of this world.

My Favourite Parts

I really liked how layered Lydia and Kat are as women. Their exterior personas are exemplified in my “keyword” choices, but they are truly more than what they project. It makes them intriguing from start to finish.

Heads Up

There are references as well as practices of BDSM activities. In my opinion, they are pretty tame, but even ‘tame’ BDSM might be too much for some readers.

The Conclusion

Stone takes a step back and shows the heart of her characters through their discovery and practice of BDSM. The intensity is still there, but the compassion and the emotion are just as predominant and will appeal to every reader. If you love reading about two strong women who discover the path to healing through pleasure, then this is definitely a must read for you.

Excerpt from Ensnared Hearts by Anna Stone

“Come in,” Lydia said, not looking up at her. “And shut the door.”

Kat closed the door and entered the room. The spacious corner office was cleanly furnished, with a large glass desk that matched the walls and a small black leather couch and coffee table by the window.

She inched towards Lydia’s desk. She was alone with Lydia in her office, just like in all those daydreams of hers. Sure, anyone walking by could see inside, but that didn’t stop Kat’s mind from filling with all kinds of indecent scenarios.

Lydia shut her laptop and pushed it aside, then leaned back in her leather chair, studying Kat silently. Her penetrating gaze made Kat feel like Lydia could see all those images going through her mind. She willed herself not to blush. It didn’t work.

Finally, Lydia spoke. “Do you have a current passport?”

Kat nodded. “Yes.”

“Good. You’re coming to Paris with me next week?”

Kat blinked. “I am?”

“If you can’t come, I can ask one of the other interns.”

“No. Yes, I can come,” Kat said quickly. “But why do you want me to go with you?”

“I’m sure you’ve heard talk of Mistress’s plans to open our first international office in Paris?”

Kat nodded…

“There’s a French publishing company we’re looking to acquire that will make the perfect foundation for our European portfolio…I’m going to lay the groundwork for establishing Mistress Paris. I have a packed schedule. I’m going to need an assistant. Since I haven’t hired one yet, I decided to take an intern with me instead.”

“Right. Okay…”

“We’ll be in Paris Monday to Friday. Our flight leaves Sunday night. I’ll send you our schedule as well as some materials for you to read before the trip. Mistress’s plans for the international expansion…I need you to get up to speed before the trip.”

Kat nodded mutely. Was this really happening? Was she going to Paris?

“Do you have any questions?” Lydia asked.

Kat found her voice again. “No.”

“If anything comes up, just ask.” Lydia opened her laptop up again, resuming her work.

Kat left Lydia’s office, her stomach fluttering with excitement…

In just a few days, she’d be on her way to France with Lydia Davenport, a woman she’d been infatuated with since the day she’d first laid eyes on her.

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