Embracing Forever by K AtenEmbracing Forever by K. Aten is the second book in the captivating Blood Resonance series.

Sarah Colby wears numerous hats because she is Annie’s sister first and foremost, she is a musician to the core, she shares her love of music with her students and she shares her heart and soul with the only woman she has ever truly loved and that woman is Keller. Sarah has learned so many important life lessons over the past year. She has learned that life isn’t a smoothly paved road because sometimes life can take you to places that you’ve only visited in some of your wildest dreams. Sarah and Annie found out that mythical beings were in fact very real and they weren’t a figment of their imagination. Who’d have thought that they would be lucky enough to fall in love with such intimidating and enchanting creatures?

All was well with their world until Sarah, Annie and their beloved friends began to receive threats from someone who is out to make their lives miserable. They must work quickly to find out who is assaulting the people of Columbus before their safety and well-being are compromised.

Will Nobel Keller be able to protect Sarah, Annie and their friends or will her help bring an end to the cozy lives they have always treasured in Columbus?

The Characters

Sarah Colby is a self-employed musician and she does a couple of teaching gigs on the side. She is also Keller’s soulmate and she would do anything for her. I am envious of the close-knit bond that Annie and Sarah share because I really wished that I had such a loyal and protective sister like Sarah in my life. Sarah always strives to be everything to everyone without even worrying about her own welfare and I just wanted to reach through my kindle to give her the biggest hug ever. I’m a huge sucker for strong and reserved women and I must say that Sarah Colby is definitely the kind of woman I’d like to date.

Nobel Keller is the manager of The Merge nightclub. Even though she enjoys her job, nothing can compare to the love she has for Sarah, Annie and Jesse because they are her family. Have I ever mentioned how much I adore gorgeous vampires with lust buried in their eyes? Well, forgive me if I haven’t mentioned that bit of news before today but Keller is definitely that vampire and I’ll happily accept a bite or two (okay I’ll be honest, I won’t mind accepting a thousand bites from her!) Keller is the woman I’ve been daydreaming about since I was a hormone-driven teenager. She is so cool, calm, collected and sexy as ahem… Let’s just say that K. Aten may have found my little black book and she has created Keller with me in mind (wicked wink!)

The Writing Style

I can certainly say that this story is amusing, enthralling and highly erotic and the author has really outdone herself by blending the three elements in order to create this unforgettable book. What’s even better is the fact that in this story, K. Aten has created well-rounded, believable and endearing characters who just happen to have supernatural powers and that’s a huge plus for me. I’m always happy to read stories with multiple points of views and this story definitely fits that bill for me because I was able to experience all the angst, sadness, rage, tenderness, joy, and endless longing through the eyes of Sarah, Keller and Annie.

The Pros

I’m like a kid in an ice-cream parlour whenever I get my hands on any story with vampires and werewolves. This story is dear to my heart because I’ve had an insane crush on Keller from since the first book and here she is again! When I was caught up in Sarah and Keller’s world, I didn’t need sleep because the toe-curling sex scenes kept me bright-eyed and flushed all night long. I’ll make sure to forward all my coffee receipts to K. Aten because I’m holding her responsible for my zombie-like tendencies during my long and drawn out working hours!

The Cons

If the sequel to this awesome story isn’t released soon, my book dragon and I will do a fly-by over K. Aten’s house. No pressure…

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

If you’re a huge fan of fangs and all things furry then you’ll really want to get your hands on this book! Just make sure that you’re not devouring this literary treat at your work desk because you wouldn’t want to stop reading and you might get caught red-handed while you’re sneaking a read. There’s no way that I’ll ever be able to look my boss in the eyes again because she caught me sneaking a read and I was right in the middle of one of Keller and Sarah’s most passionate moments!

Excerpt from Embracing Forever by K. Aten

Louve came rushing in just as Marcel was getting to his feet. He snarled and made like he was going to lunge at Keller, but she stopped him with a mere look. Even an angry werewolf knew when he was looking into the face of his potential death. The petite brunette walked straight up to the bloodied man demanding answers with her heavy French accent. “What is going on here? What have you done now, Marcel?”

Marcel’s handsome face turned red in anger at being singled out like a naughty boy. He scowled at his boss. “Your pet vampire attacked me when I was having a discussion with the little human.” He stepped toward the small woman in challenge.

The mottled red of his skin stood in stark contrast to his pale blond hair. Sarah thought he looked like a boy scout, but he acted like an ass. A dangerous ass. “That human is my sister, and you hurt her when you had her pinned against the wall!” She looked around, noticing for the first time that Annie was missing.

Louve saw the searching look and reassured her. “I sent Annie into the training room with Jesse and Alain. She was still very much upset.” The Frenchwoman then turned her attention back to the man who had become such a thorn in her side. She let him come to America to work for her as a favor to his uncle. And despite the unfortunate incident below the nightclub when Jesse had been infected, she really had hoped she could help him get his anger under control. She could see now that was never going to be the case. With a brief glance at Keller, she addressed the angry young werewolf. Looking straight into Marcel’s eyes, the petite androgynous Frenchwoman seemed to grow in size as she let her alpha personality have full reign. “What is this? You dare to challenge me, to challenge your Alpha?” Her power wrapped around him, trapping his own inside his skin. It wasn’t so much a chastisement as it was a swat-down. While Marcel was powerful, he was no Alpha and certainly no match for Louve’s age and experience. She shook her head at his look of simmering fury. “I can no longer overlook your behavior, Marcel. You have brought dishonor to my troupe and to my name, and I’m sending you home. You will not speak with my friends again, nor will you go near them. Go pack your bags and I’ll have one month of severance pay waiting for you by the end of the day.”

The man snarled at her then forcefully shoved his way between Sarah and Keller. Keller looked at Louve. “I’m going to follow a little bit behind him to make sure he heads back toward the house and not anywhere near Jesse and Annie.” She followed the path that Marcel took, leaving Sarah and Louve alone in the locker room.

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Blood Resonance Series

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Embracing Forever

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ISBN number: 978-1-61929-425-7
Publisher: Regal Crest
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