In Dyer Need by Claire Highton-StevensonIn Dyer Need by Claire Highton-Stevenson is a romance set against a cataclysmic event that devastates society.

Andrea Fielding finds herself as the new British Prime Minister after England’s citizens have turned on each other in a killing frenzy. As Home Secretary, she is elevated to the top spot in the government when her superiors die in the turmoil. She’s up to the challenge, especially with her top security officer at her side.

Ren Dyer is professionalism personified. She’s at the height of her career as the head of protection for Britain’s new Prime Minister. Ren is a woman focused only on her job, and like Andrea, she’s never had time for a relationship.

As Andrea and Ren set out to reach HQ with a small group of survivors, they turn to each other for physical comfort in the midst of the chaos. When protocol and rules fall by the wayside, will Andrea and Ren find the love they’ve never made a priority.

The Characters

Andrea and Ren compliment each other nicely. Both women are highly competent and gorgeous. While Ren is committed to following protocol even with the country in tatters, Andrea approaches the situation from a place of concern and empathy for the people she now governs. As the plot unfolds, their styles begin to rub off on each other until they are working in perfect tandem.

There are still moments when Ren’s objective sense of duty has her calling the shots. It’s amusing to see Andrea put Ren in her place and remind her that she’s the Prime Minister. On those occasions there’s a twinkle in Andrea’s eye letting Ren know that she couldn’t do any of this without her.

The Writing Style

It’s not surprising that In Dyer Need has a nice flow to it with dialogue that brings Andrea and Ren to life. It’s also not surprising that there’s plenty of heat throughout the book and that’s always a big plus for me. While this is Ren and Andrea’s story, Highton-Stevenson does a fantastic job bringing to a life a wide cast of characters. It’s not just a group of people populating the book to fill out the narrative. Everyone has their own strengths and fears. This is important to the story because it shows the inherent goodness in people under tragic circumstances.

The Pros

Highton-Stevenson provides enough backstory for Ren to make her sympathetic and a tiny bit wounded. Ren’s backstory explains her tendency to be a loner, and it makes for a sweet connection she makes with one of the characters late in the story.

The Cons

The book starts out with an apocalyptic event that had me shocked and terrified. I know this is a romance, but I would have liked to see a scene or two later in the story where the characters were confronted with dangerous situations that had life or death consequences.

The Conclusion

In Dyer Need is an engaging story about love’s ability to blossom under the most unlikely situations. If you are strictly a romance reader and are considering branching out in another genre, this book is perfect. It’s an impeccable example of love conquering all. Ren and Andrea work in perfect harmony as if they’ve been waiting for each other. They never lose sight of their roles in rebuilding society, but they realize that their love has a place in the new world they need to rebuild. It’s the first in a two-part series, and I’ll be patiently waiting to see what’s instore for Ren and Andre.

Excerpt from In Dyer Need by Claire Highton-Stevenson

From her position in the chair, Andrea watched her bodyguard. She had always noticed how attractive she was, or how attracted she was to her. But she had never considered her as a potential lover. Protocol would never have allowed such a thing. She reasoned that it was probably for the best. This wasn’t the kind of situation one should even be considering, or was it? With the world in such disarray, maybe this was the time to just enjoy what life they might have. She pondered it all from her seat in the chair while everyone else busied around her, organizing sleeping arrangements.

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