Double Bluff by Claire McNabDouble Bluff by Claire McNab is the seventh book in the Detective Inspector Carol Ashton Mystery Series.

With one stalker report on a well-known television star and a pending investigation on the suicide of Tala Orlando, a popular media tycoon who once ruled the airwaves, detective Carol Ashton has her hands full to overflowing. Somehow, Carol suddenly finds herself caught up in the snare of imminent danger as she receives threats that can undermine her well-being and the safety of her loved ones. Can she solve the mystery behind both cases or will the perpetrator have the upper hand and dismantle her life and all that she holds dear to her?

The Characters

I adore Carol’s tireless passion for doing everything in her power to try to solve the mysteries at hand. She will go out of her way to help anyone she cares for and no matter how exhausted she is, she won’t quit until she has the answers she needs. Her great love and affection for her family endeared her to me.

I have mixed feelings about Madeline Shipley, she is a famous television anchor and she has a no strings attached relationship with Carol. I like her charismatic personality, as well as her dry sarcastic sense of humor. It was the first thing that caught my attention, however, Madeline has a tendency to be flippant about serious matters and that had me a tad bit annoyed with her.

The Writing Style

Claire McNab is an adept storyteller who does not shy away from bringing real-life issues that many well-known people and celebrities face to the forefront. The story flowed effortlessly, each sentence building the intrigue of the story into fever-pitched excitement. The situations and the characters were wonderfully described so that I had a very clear picture of them in my mind.

The Pros

I really enjoyed learning about the ins and outs of detective work and how stressful it can be, as well as the rewards that come along with being a detective. I have no idea what it is like to be famous but I was glad that the author did a really great job of showing that being famous is not always sunshine and glitters. Claire McNab brought a lot of reality into this novel and I am very pleased about that. She made the characters become very real to me and I really enjoyed this novel because of that.

The Cons 

I was a little uneasy by the graphic description of the stalker’s motives as well as the vivid description and details of the murders that were mentioned.

The Conclusion

If you love a great mystery with lots of twists and turns thrown in, then this is certainly a story you would want to read! The intrigue in this story will keep the book or Kindle glued to your hands. This story can be read as a stand-alone, however, if you would like to follow Carol Ashton’s journey from the beginning to the end, then I suggest that you start with the first book in Claire McNab’s Detective Inspector Carol Ashton Mystery Series.

Excerpt from Double Bluff by Claire McNab

“Stalkers fall into three categories,” said Carol. “First is the rejected lover-someone you had a personal relationship with, but told to get lost.”

Madeline Shipley leaned back in the dressing room chair submitting to the ministrations of a makeup woman. “All my rejected lovers are delighted to be rejected. What’s the second sort?”

Carol watched as Madeline’s copper hair was brushed into sleek curves to accent the symmetry of her face. “Second is the stranger stalker, who’s simply doing it for crime—rape, robbery, that sort of thing.”

“Nothing so normal. I’d say this guy’s getting a real charge out of it—first flowers with a note, and now he’s writing letters to me.”

“Therefore, as is entirely appropriate, this one’s in the third category, the celebrity stalker.”

Madeline grinned at Carol’s dry tone. “You’re a celebrity in your own right, Carol. You can have a stalker of your own.”

Irritated by her levity, Carol said coolly, “It isn’t anything to laugh about.” Whoever it is has a relationship with you only in his head, but to him, it’s absolutely real, although he may never have actually met you.”

A promo for Madeline’s show flashed on the screen of the on-air monitor mounted above the makeup mirrors. Chin high, gray eyes wide, she stared soberly from the screen. The voice-over was muted, but Carol had heard the familiar words often enough: “At seven the award-winning Shipley Report! Madeline Shipley brings you the news behind the news… the stories, the information, the insights you must have for today’s changing world…”

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