Diversity at TLR

Today I want to chat about what we are doing to improve diversity at TLR in a long term, sustainable way.

We have instituted these 5 steps to actively include more authors who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC).

1 Encouraging more BIPOC authors to send us review copies + soliciting review copies from them

99.9% of our reviews are based on review requests from authors and publishers. We have put in place systems to encourage more authors of colour to submit review requests.

We have also put in place a list of BIPOC authors that the team are looking at and we have begun requesting specific books for review from the authors on our list.

2 Changing the way we ask for info + categories on TLR to make it easier to spotlight BIPOC authors

We have been blind reviewing up to now. Which means we had no idea who wrote which book unless we were friends with them on social media. As such we could tag whether or not the main characters were non white but we had no idea if the book was own voices or if it was written by an author of colour.

We have changed that and are now asking authors to let us know if they are authors of colour. This allows us to tag them correctly on the website and therefore allows readers to find own voices reads or minority authors.

3 Maintaining a reading ratio of at least 1 in 3 books as BIPOC authors

The review team have committed to maintaining a reading ratio of at least 1 in 3 books being written by authors of colour. This will not only increase the number of books we are reviewing by authors of colour but it will help us ensure that we are spotlighting great books by minority authors when we do things like newsletters, lists and podcasts.

4 Ensuring that we actively include BiPOC authors in our non review endeavours

We run podcasts, a book club and newsletters. We will ensure that we have diversity in every part of TLR, not just our reviews. Of course, our reviews feed everything else, so once we are settled into the habit of reading books by BIPOC authors this all falls into place.

5 Maintaining diversity in the review team

I will ensure that we maintain diversity in the review team so that we are representing BIPOC readers as well.

If you are an author or publisher and you want to send us review copies then check out this page to see what we need from you and how the process works. The process is entirely free for anyone who creates wlw books.

Happy reading,