Dingo's Recovery by Genevieve FortinDingo’s Recovery by Genevieve Fortin is a super sweet age gap romance.

In the three years since her wife died, 56-year-old Joyce Allen has made some significant changes. She’s recently retired, and as part of Joyce’s shift towards living her life in a way that makes her happy (rather than simply doing what her wife or sister tell her to), she’s adopted an adorable basenji pup named Dingo.

When Dingo gets hurt pretty badly at the park, she takes him to the local veterinary clinic where she meets Dr. Amanda Carter. Amanda is new in town, a solitary soul, and a damn good vet. Both women sense that their meeting is momentous, even if they don’t know why.

As Joyce and Amanda get to know each other better, they also find themselves attracted to each other. Joyce is more than a little concerned about falling for someone 24 years her junior, but the age difference doesn’t seem to matter one bit to Amanda. Can Joyce overcome her apprehensions and her judgy sister Barbara’s opinions enough to reach for her happily ever after?

The Characters

Joyce and Amanda are lovely and I enjoyed reading about them. I particularly appreciated how much the author showcased Joyce’s concerns, because it’s entirely understandable that she’d be freaked out about showing her body to a woman so much younger than her. It was also interesting to contrast those concerns with Amanda, who not only didn’t have them, but couldn’t stop thinking about Joyce despite never having been in a relationship before.

I didn’t care for Barbara at all. Joyce tells us how funny she is and how much she enjoys spending time with her, but I didn’t understand it. Barbara was rude and overbearing and I was so pleased with how Joyce handled her near the end of the book.

Also, high five to Dingo. He’s the first basenji I’ve read about in lesfic and he was adorable.

The Writing Style

Dingo’s Recovery is very easy to sink into. The romance has a burn to it that is both slow and sweet, and I was very happy for Joyce and Amanda by the end of the book.

The Pros

This was a perfect low-stress book after a super hectic week. I tagged this as a dramatic romance because it does have some angst to it, but it didn’t stress me out at all because Genevieve Fortin attended to the pacing and balanced all of its elements so well.

The Cons

The cover didn’t do it for me at first. That said, once I read the book, I could understand why it suits the story.

The Conclusion

If you’re looking for a warm hug of a romance to pass an afternoon or two, pick up this book. It’s the second novel I’ve read by Genevieve Fortin and it won’t be the last.

Excerpt from Dingo’s Recovery by Genevieve Fortin

“Wait, so your birthday is on the seventh of July?” Joyce interrupted, as if she’d come to an important realization.

“That’s right,” Amanda answered, wondering why Joyce was asking but enjoying the curiosity in her eyes. Joyce Allen was showing interest in her as a person rather than a doctor for the first time since they’d met earlier that day. She’d never liked being the subject of anyone’s interest before. Joyce was different. She wanted to be seen by Joyce.

“Double seven. The Seeker,” Joyce declared as she studied Amanda’s features and finally focused on her eyes. Joyce’s stare was so warm, so intense that Amanda wouldn’t have been surprised if Joyce had seen her very soul. “That makes sense,” Joyce concluded. Amanda guessed her expression must have shown the complete confusion she was experiencing because Joyce laughed and explained, “Sorry. I took a class in numerology last year. I’m a double three. Third of March.”

“And what is that?” Joyce looked as confused as Amanda had been a few seconds before. “If the double seven makes me The Seeker, what does the double three make you?”

“Oh. The Creative Child.” Joyce blushed a very light shade of pink that made her entire face glow. Grace inhabited her even when she blushed, Amanda thought. Unlike her, whose cheeks were probably sporting deep red, uneven marks at that moment.

“Interesting. Maybe you can tell me more about all of this numerology stuff when we meet again in two weeks?”

“I’ll be happy to, although I’m not an expert. I simply picked up a few things, like the double digits,” Joyce confirmed before Amanda and Isabelle left the exam room to tend to Dingo.

As she started adjusting his splint, Amanda was no longer certain what type of meeting was to take place in two weeks. It couldn’t be a simple appointment to change a bandage. She wouldn’t be looking forward to it that much if that’s all it was. Yet that’s exactly what it is, dimwit, so get a hold of yourself, she thought.

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