Departure From The Script by Jae is a Hollywood romance that shows falling in love doesn’t always go according to plan.

Aspiring actress Amanda Clark has been burned by love many times. Photographer Michelle Osinski isn’t doing much better. After Amanda experiences the Valentine’s Day date from hell, she drinks her sorrows away at a bar. The next morning she wakes up and finds herself in the care of Michelle. In the light of day, Amanda and Michelle commiserate over their bad dating karma. Neither are looking to get involve with anyone else anytime soon, least of all with each other.

But cupid has other designs for them, no matter what protests they present to each other and themselves. Will Amanda and Michelle be willing to take a chance on each other? Or will their past experiences cost them the chance at love that they’ve only seen on the movie screen?

The Characters

What I love about these characters is their willingness to change their ideas about the other as they progress their relationship. Both Amanda and Michelle come to each other with preconceived notions about the type of woman they believe they’ll fall in love with. Amanda doesn’t see herself falling for Michelle because she is too butch. Michelle doesn’t want a relationship with another actress after the last one ended in disaster. Both of these women believe they know what the other is like, but they discover that first sight isn’t always the greatest bench marker for assessing someone’s worth.

Amanda is a very passionate woman who loves acting and is willing to take even the most commercial, low-budget roles because she understands that there are struggles. In the meantime, she puts all her energy into doing her best work, caring for her cat, and spending time with her loving and supportive grandmother.

Michelle’s outward appearance may scream butch, but really she is a soft-hearted woman. She keeps children’s toothbrushes in her house for her nieces and nephews. She loves to take photos, watch classic movies, and makes a mean stack of pancakes. Most of all, she has no problem helping a damsel in distress with no ulterior motives.

Both of these women have layers to them that are touching and compassionate. Once they discover these characteristics about the other, it is so much fun to watch them fall deeper and deeper in love with the person they discover beyond their first impressions.

The Writing Style

Jae has such an easy, flowing writing style that you don’t realize you actually learned something until the last page. In this story, I learned not to judge a book by its cover. Both Amanda and Michelle make assumptions about the other based on looks and professions. As Jae progresses them through their tale, she allows each woman to shed their previous notions and let their hearts take the lead. This gradual change between both women is so sweet that even before Amanda and Michelle know what’s happening between them, the reader is anticipating seeing them finally be together. Jae does a great job by giving us a story that’s charming, yet also enlightening to the fact that the heart will choose for us. Even if the package isn’t what we expected.

The Pros

I really liked how Jae showcases the highs and lows of trying to be a successful actress in Los Angeles. It really helps to show Amanda at this point in her career because we see how she really values all the opportunities she is given. She is the best kind of starlet, the one who understands that success isn’t handed to you. It has to be earned.

The Cons

I will admit, it was hard to grasp the reality of Amanda going home with Michelle that first night, regardless of how drunk she was. However, Jae gives a reasonable explanation to make this a very plausible situation. In addition, it leads to some of the more pleasant scenes between Amanda and Michelle as they learn more about each other and start to change their perceptions of the other.

annas favourite booksThe Conclusion

This story satisfied everything I was looking for and more. I loved reading about Amanda and Michelle and their journey on the way to love. It’s authentic, graceful, and a wonderful way to introduce us to their world. If you love sweet, romantic, opposites attract stories, then this one will leave you satisfied and ready for more all at once. 

Excerpt from Departure From The Script by Jae

Michelle pulled into the parking lot and turned off the engine.

Silence filled the car for a few moments.

Amanda fiddled with her seat belt before she managed to strip it off. She struggled to find the right words. “Thank you for rescuing me last night and for not kicking my hungover, bitchy self out this morning.”

“You’re very welcome.” The expression in Michelle’s brown eyes was sincere. “Just try and take better care of yourself next time.”

“I will.” Although the situation had ended up all right, Amanda didn’t plan on a repeat of last night. Okay, everything’s said. Now get your hungover ass home. She reached for the lever that opened the door.

“There’s a way to make sure, you know?”

Amanda turned back around. “Excuse me?”

“Oh, you know how it is,” Michelle said. “As soon as the next Valentine’s Day comes around, your happily partnered friends will start playing Cupid again. They’ll try to make sure you have a date for Valentine’s Day.”

Amanda scrunched up her face. “Maybe I’ll book a cruise in February. I heard Antarctica is nice that time of year.”

“That works too, but there are cheaper ways.”

“Joining a convent?”

Michelle laughed. “Nothing quite so extreme. No, let’s make a deal. If we’re both still single next February, we’ll go out with each other on Valentine’s Day.”

Amanda narrowed her eyes and regarded her. Was she joking, or did she really mean it?

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