Demons Shemons by KB DraperDemons Shemons by KB Draper had more highlighted passages in it than not when I was through with it. Picking ONLY three tweetable quotes (that’s all that Sheena allows) was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my whole little lesbian life.

Addison Jo Mattox has been thrust into the demon hunting world ever since her not so graceful interruption of a sacred Choktaw Indian ceremony of the passing the Hoyo-Abi from one generation of demon hunter to another.

Since then Danny, the true heir to the Hoyo-Abi (or Norm as “AJ” has so named it), and AJ have been traveling together fighting demons who have escaped from hell.

It’s in Mississippi where all chaos breaks loose. A demon has been killing multiple residents and AJ and Danny are the official murder suspects. Even more so this town has some quirky residents ranging from a crazy Reverend/Mayer, to a Cranky Sheriff, and even the sexiest park ranger AJ has ever met.

The Characters

Addison Jo Mattox or AJ is our leading lady. Tall, blond, and confident. She basically has the biggest mouth on anyone you have ever seen. I’d like to demonstrate with an excerpt, “’ you’re kind of icky,’ I added to the back and forth because I hadn’t said anything annoying in a while.” I seriously loved her, she was my type of quirky smart aleck.

I really felt for Danny because his character is so genuine and lovable but alas being AJ’s partner (the saucy lady that she is) he constantly is getting his manhood beat up on.

Lastly I just want to mention the Park Ranger Ashlyn Parker. Her character was so well written to match as AJ’s love interest. I couldn’t help but crack a smile almost every time the two interacted.

The Writing Style

This book has a very particular writing style. I seriously enjoyed it. It’s told form AJ’s point of view and she has a pretty quirky train of thought. The dialogue is quite snappy and witty.

I thought the delivery of the humor, story, and romance was brilliant. I really loved KB Draper’s writing style.

The Pros

The fact that it was a comedy is a HUGE plus for me. The chemistry and banter between AJ and Ashlyn I would show up for any day.

The Cons

To me skipping over the sex scene made the romance sweet and endearing. It also kept the story congruent with its theme and focus being on the hunt of the demon. I’m not sure if skipping over the sex will bother anyone but I thought that I would just bring it up here.

brooklyn's favouriteThe Conclusion

I don’t get a chance to come across a book that has excellent humor in all of its pages, front to back. A lot of lesfic literature generally has a serious tone but if you’re a reader like me finding a good humor book is worth more than its number of pages in diamonds. If you enjoy a good laugh I personally recommend this book.

Excerpt from Demons Shemons by KB Draper

“Park here?” I looked at the dense woods around us. “Because now I feel like we’ve gone from captor and hostage to teenage parkers.” I looked back at Ashlyn. “Not that I’d complain or anything.”

Ashlyn’s pulse reacted to that little comment. “I’m still going with hostage. We need to get off the road in case your problem is following us.” Ashlyn opened the door and started to jump out, but got yanked back.

I released her seat belt. “Be free, hostage.”

She turned around to glare at me.

“I take it Stockholm syndrome hasn’t kicked in just yet?” I asked.

Ashlyn sighed. “Good lord,” she murmured. “How am I-” She slammed Woody’s door on the rest of her sentence, not knowing I could still hear the “supposed to keep my hands off this woman” ending.

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