Deaths of Jocasta by JM Redmann Deaths of Jocasta by JM Redmann is the second book in the Micky Knight Mysteries series.

Micky Knight is a raw, real and resilient lesbian private investigator, and she has been commissioned to provide security for a social gathering at an old country manor. It should have been an uncomplicated job; an ideal spring twilight, lovely weather and women, lots of gorgeous women in their splendor surrounding her. What more could she ask for? She was being paid to enjoy this slice of nirvana.

Everything was simple until a woman’s corpse turns up; she was viciously slaughtered and left to decompose on the outskirts of the property. The police have zeroed in on a main suspect when another victim’s body is found in the clinic owned by Cordelia James.

Micky is torn between fighting her own internal battles as well as defending Cordelia’s innocence against mounting evidence that points to her as the perpetrator. Micky is determined to get justice for the deceased women, catch the killer and clear Cordelia’s name.

The Characters

My respect for Micky grew substantially as she fought to become a better person. She made a greater leap in self-growth in this book and I enjoyed tagging along on Micky’s journey to see her find the happiness she desires.

My feelings about Micky’s friends were a mix of indignation and annoyance because they held a very low opinion of her while Micky was engaged in a fierce battle with her past demons. They should have been more supportive of her instead of having low expectations.

The Writing Style

JM Redmann never disappoints me with her fast paced, action packed mysteries. She captures the emotions of Micky perfectly and I am always caught up in the whirlwind of angst, suspense, Micky’s internal struggles and her deep feelings for Cordelia. The author blends all of this impeccably without losing focus of the mystery.

The Pros

I always enjoy character growth and a great suspense, and I found both within this novel.

The Cons

The graphic descriptions of the murdered women in the story can be disconcerting to readers. Child abuse and incest was also mentioned in the story.

The Conclusion

If you have read the first book in the Micky Knight series, you will appreciate that this second book is just as compelling as the first one and it should immediately go on your to be read list. You will certainly want to find out what happens next between Micky and Cordelia and you will also want to know if Micky has eventually overcome her past demons.

Excerpt from Deaths of Jocasta by JM Redmann

Every year, on the last weekend in May, Emma Auerbach gives a huge party at her country place. Everybody who is anybody in the gay New Orleans is there. Men and women are invited to the Saturday night festivities, but only women get invitations to stay the weekend. I, however, wasn’t invited; I was working, although I strongly suspected that Emma had hired me to do security more as a favor to my bank account than out of any real need for protection.

She insisted that I call her Emma, so I did, always feeling like a kid trying to wear her mother’s shoes when I said it. She was in her sixties now and would always be Miss Auerbach to me. I would do anything that she asked because, more than anyone, Emma Auerbach had saved my life. Not my life literally; perhaps I should say my soul.

I walked up the stairs carrying a heavily loaded bag of cat food. My office/apartment was on the third floor of a yet-to-be-gentrified building. Yet-to-be-made-livable some of us complained. My so-called office was the large room in the center of my apartment. Off to the left was the kitchen and the bedroom. On the right, a darkroom, the closet, and the bathroom. Not the best arrangement, but it worked for me. In other words, I could afford it. The door on the landing of the third floor said M. Knight, Private Investigator. I blew some dust off the M. as I locked the door. I was on my way to Emma’s.

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