Death by Cocktail Straw by Missour VaunDeath By Cocktail Straw by Missouri Vaun is the first novella in a four part series.

Nash Wiley is a happy-go-lucky woman with a job she enjoys, a great car and a fun night planned with her friend Web. The day is looking up when she gets her morning coffee and the barista flirts with her.

As with all fun stories, life happens, and she finds herself in a bad situation. Enter a pretty nurse who helps her. Later she is at a bar when Web has an unfortunate run-in with a cocktail straw and needs to be taken to the emergency room.

There Nash runs into the same pretty nurse. Is this perhaps a sign?

The Characters

I love Vaun’s characters, they are great fun. Nash is a goofy, wonderful character to follow around because life seems to happen to her in the most amusing ways.

The Writing Style

This is a highly entertaining short story. I would recommend it for those afternoons when you want something fun and a little quirky.

The Pros

It is the perfect length for a light afternoon read.

Vaun does the quirky character oh so well and I can’t help but enjoy the ridiculousness that is Nash’s life.

The Cons

Not really a con, but it is very short. I think it would have worked better to compile all four books into one. But this is more an observation than anything else.

A con, more for the sale of the book than anything, is that because it is so short you don’t actually get a sample with the preview on kindle. But never fear – Super Sheena is here and I have included an excerpt to give you an idea of the writing style.

The Conclusion

You should get this short story, especially if you enjoyed Jane’s World by Paige Braddock (who is actually Missouri Vaun…or maybe Missouri Vaun is really Paige Braddock? Who can tell?). This has that same quirk. As a fan of the Jane’s World novel, I really enjoyed this little read. It was tons of fun.

Excerpt from Death By Cocktail Straw by Missouri Vaun

The café wasn’t too busy. Nash might actually arrive for work on time.

There were a couple of hipster wannabes ahead of her obsessively checking their phones. Nash watched the line, hoping her turn in the queue would be awarded to the cute barista rather than the bearded dude who looked as if he’d gotten lost on his way to Portland. The tone of the whole day could be thrown off by a bad barista encounter on the way to work.

Lucky for Nash, bearded dude got stuck answering a million questions about the café’s roasting procedures for their fair trade coffee beans from hipster number two. She smiled at the cute, willowy barista with the dainty nose ring and an intricate henna tattoo on her left hand.

“Hi, I haven’t seen you this week.”

“Yeah, it’s been a crazy week.” Nash had overslept the last three days and as punishment had been relegated to drinking coffee at the office. She didn’t even have to be logged in until ten, but as far as she internal clock was concerned that might as well have been dawn.

“What can I get you?”

“An Americano with room, Thanks.”

“I’ll get that right up for you. It’s Nash right?” She held a Sharpie to the side of the paper cup.

“Yeah, Nash.” Such a small thing, but she always got the warm fuzzies when cute baristas remembered her name.

Nash moves to the side of the front counter. She leaned against the wall and checked her phone while she waited for her coffee. There was a text from her pal Jan Webber.

Are we going out tonight? texted Web.

Sure, replied Nash.


Late. Timing was everything in Nash’s opinion. You didn’t want to arrive early and look too eager, too single, or too desperate. The trip threat.

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Note: I received a free review copy of Death By Cocktail Straw by Missouri Vaun. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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