dark-valentine-by-jennifer-fultonDark Valentine by Jennifer Fulton is an awesome thriller. It is the story of Rhianna and Jules.

Rhianna generally avoids one night stands but when she meets the sexy, charming woman named Jules at a bar she says yes and the two of them have a night filled with passion.

Rhianna is the key witness in a case against a man who stalked and kidnapped her and she is unhappy about the idea of having to face Werner Brigham in court the following day. So a few hours of escapism with a sexy woman sounds like a good way to get her mind off it.

The next morning she walks into the court room to find that Jules is the lead attorney defending Werner Brigham. Even worse – Jules tears Rhianna apart on the stand and Werner walks free.

Now Rhianna has to run for her life and try to escape Werner’s murderous intent while recovering from the heartbreak of what Jules did to her.

Jules on the other hand is trying desperately to stop her client from murdering the woman who rejected him. And even if she manages to do that, can she ever explain to Rhianna why things are not as simple as they seem?

The Characters

The cast is small which makes for an intimate read. Mostly the story focuses on the Jules and Rhianna but Fulton added some excellent side characters, each with a different and necessary role in the story.

The Writing Style

I cannot praise Fulton enough. Her writing is superb. The pacing is great and intensifies as the story moves closer to the climax. Her language use is perfect and keeps you turning the pages well into the night.

The Pros

I loved this book.

The Cons

This is part of the Dark Vista Series. I am not sure why the three novels are a series. The first book is a horror/thriller/mystery. This one is a thriller and the last one is a romance.

They are darker stories but the similarities end there.

Not that it’s a con, just an FYI.

sheena's favouriteThe Conclusion

If you want a fantastic read then get this book. I loved it. It was so much fun. Thrillers done well are just the best and when your main characters are lesbian then I am one happy reviewer.

Excerpt from Dark Valentine by Jennifer Fulton

The survival instinct eclipsed all. Perception. Reason. Despair.

Rhianna Lamb knew the feeling. Dangling a cocktail napkin into her wine, she collected the insect flailing in the ruby liquid and lifted it to safety. As she gently shook the napkin beneath the table, she felt someone behind her.

In a throaty bass, a woman asked, “If I tell you I’m drowning, will you save me, too?

Rhianna looked up and met bold, dark eyes the color of wet shale. They were a little creased in the corners, like the owner’s mouth, and just as shamelessly sensuous. The face did not belong to the woman she’d expected to meet here.

“Well, that would depend,” she responded.

A sigh. “That’s cold.”

“It’s a harsh world.” Rhianna could easily expand on that topic, but she was not sitting there wearing a slutty dress and dangerously high heels to have a deep and meaningful dialogue.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781933110790
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

Jennifer Fulton


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