Dark-Horizons-Rae-D-Magdon-Michelle-MaglyDark Horizons by Rae D Magdon and Michelle Magly is a lesbian sci-fi novel that’s a whole lot of fun. It’s also an erotic romance with an enemies-to-lovers pairing, which I found more interesting than the sci-fi setting (I’m sure Sheena is SHOCKED that I liked the erotic romance aspect). Oh, yes stupefied…NOT! That is like a trifecta for Tara – Erotic, lesbian, enemies-to-lovers. I am surprised that you haven’t read it twice already – Sheena

Taylor Morgan is getting shot at by ikthians and her squad is almost wiped out when she stumbles on an injured ikthian who’s trying to hide. Hoping to trade the alien for her last remaining squadmate, she takes her hostage instead when he is killed, bringing her back to Earth.

The hostage turns out to be Maia Kalanis, respected genetic researcher and member of an influential ikthian family. She also might be humanity’s best chance to turn the tide of their war with the ikthian Dominion. Taylor is rewarded for this boon with guard duty, keeping Maia safe in quarters that are far nicer and more spacious than her own.

Taylor’s experiences with ikthians have only involved warfare, but the more time she spends with Maia, the more she realizes she’s not just a war asset, she’s a person. Ikthians may not all be what she was led to believe, but can she give in to her attraction for Maia?

The Characters

Dark Horizons shifts between Taylor and Maia’s perspectives, so we get a good sense of who each of them is. Taylor changes the most, as she is forced to rethink everything she believed about ikthians and question who she can trust on the base. Maia has more of a fish out of water story while questioning her place in her own people’s propaganda machine.

The Writing Style

I enjoyed the way Dark Horizons is written. It’s not particularly serious, there are some great action scenes, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

The Pros

It’s a fun, easy read with big feelings, excellent sex scenes, and blockbuster style action sequences.

The Cons

I’ve seen some people say that the sex was too much. I think if you keep in mind that it’s an erotic romance as well as a sci fi story, it works out because the sex propels their relationship. If you don’t like erotic romances though, you probably won’t like this.

Also, I got to know Rae D Magdon’s writing mainly through her Mass Effect fan fiction, which I love. That made it difficult for me to read Dark Horizons without comparing it to Mass Effect, which is more about my reading history than the book itself.

The Conclusion

If you’re looking for a fun, easy way to pass a few hours, check this book out. It would be the perfect choice after a particularly heavy book. I’m glad I read it and I’m looking forward to reading its sequel, Starless Night.

Excerpt from Dark Horizons by Rae D Magdon and Michelle Magly

Dark-Horizons-Rae-D-Magdon-Michelle-Magly“How did you spend your free time?” Maia was curious about what could have put Taylor into such a foul mood.

“I went to the shooting range with Rachel.” Maia nodded her head, urging her to continue. “I shot at practice targets with a friend of mine. It was supposed to be relaxing.”

“But it was not,” Maia finished.

Taylor groaned and slumped back against the couch. Her hands flopped down at her side, her fingertips inadvertently brushing Maia’s thigh. “We argued, mostly about you.”

Maia’s heart rate sped up. “Oh? Why is that?” She hoped she did not sound like she was prying, but she could not help being curious. Knowing that Taylor had been thinking and talking about her made Maia feel a little better about her own fascination with the human.

“My friend thinks I’m crazy for trusting you, but I can’t help it. You’re…” Taylor’s words broke off as her gaze lingered on Maia’s eyes, then traveled south, to stare at…Was Taylor looking at her lips? Maia wished she knew. Instead, she felt a heated blush bloom over her face and neck. Taylor’s hand settled more firmly on her thigh. “You’re not a monster.”

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