Crossing Lines by KD Williamson: Book Review

Crossing Lines by KD WilliamsCrossing Lines by KD Williamson is the second book in her Cops and Docs series. You might be able to read it without first reading Blurred Lines, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Life has settled down for Nora and Kelli after the events of Blurred Lines. Nora is learning how to be part of a relationship for the first time in her life and Kelli is back at work, relieved to finally be healed from the shooting that kept her away for so long. Things are very good for them until they… aren’t. Can their fledgling relationship stand the heat when some major obstacles come their way?

The Characters

Kelli is still just as loud and brash and Nora is just as brilliant and standoffish as we saw in Blurred Lines, except that they’ve each changed enough to have space for the other in their lives. The character growth is my favourite part of Crossing Lines. Who they are at the end is drastically different from who they are at the beginning, but in a way that is entirely appropriate for Nora and Kelli and makes me believe in their happily ever after all the more.

The Writing Style

Crossing Lines is well written with an interesting story, excellent character work, and perfect pacing. It may have a little more angst than I normally like in my fiction, but it paid off beautifully.

The Pros

Getting to spend more time with characters I love and seeing them work through some serious issues.

The Cons

I’ve seen other readers comment on how much swearing there is in this book. It didn’t bother me and was appropriate for Kelli’s character, but I can see why some wouldn’t like it.

The Conclusion

If you liked Blurred Lines, you’ll probably love Crossing Lines. I recommend both books and I’m looking forward to seeing more in this series.

Excerpt from Crossing Lines by KD Williamson

Nora watched her as she popped the cap with the opener on her keychain and took a swig. Kelli set the beer on the counter and stared right back. Nora looked a little ruffled. Her face was red and there was a faraway glint in her eyes. She’d seen that expression several times the last couple weeks. “What is that look for?”

Nora cleared her throat. “I’m sorry? What are you referring to?”

“When I…” Kelli glanced down at her beer then back to Nora. A light bulb turned on. “You get off on watching me drink beer?”

Nora’s face reddened even more. “Just out of the bottle.”

Kelli smirked. “And here I was thinking I was the pervert.”

Nora walked around the island and reached for the beer. “Not at all.” She took a small sip and grinned.

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Note: I received a free review copy of Crossing Lines by KD Williamson. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

Crossing Lines Book Cover Crossing Lines
KD. Williamson
April 20, 2016

Nora Whitmore has been through the ringer both professionally and personally. Now, her life is more than she ever thought it could be, especially with Kelli McCabe in it. The walls have come down, and she is open to new people and experiences. Kelli McCabe watched all the broken pieces of her life come together. The situation with her family settled down, and she's right where she wants to be back at work and in Nora's arms. For both of them, this quiet time is just the devastating calm before the massive storm hits and brings with it the violence of a vengeful enemy and the reality of drug abuse. The chaos surrounding them exposes old wounds and individual vulnerabilities that seem to multiply when they are together. Is it too much for them to withstand? Or is what they have strong enough to overcome it all?

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Tara Scott lives in Calgary, Canada with her family. If you don't find her with her Kindle in her hand, she's probably busy talking about what she's currently reading.

Tara Scott

Tara Scott lives in Calgary, Canada with her family. If you don't find her with her Kindle in her hand, she's probably busy talking about what she's currently reading.

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