Crescent City Confidential by Aurora ReyCrescent City Confidential by Aurora Rey is a sweet romance with a hint of thriller thrown in for good measure.

Sam Torres is a best-selling mystery writer who writes under a pen name. Only a handful of people know who she really is and she would like to keep it that way.

While researching her next book, enjoying the local culture and discovering all that there is to love about New Orleans she meets Tess. Tess is a local and she unenthusiastically agrees to show Sam around the non-touristy hangouts. Determined not to let anyone dictate her life and convinced that relationships lead to her having to give up who she is, Tess is reluctant to let Sam get close even though there is a growing attraction between them.

When the two women start spending time together threatening emails arrive in Sam’s inbox. Can Sam figure out who is behind these events before things go very wrong? Can she keep her identity hidden and will Tess flee when things become too serious?

The Characters

I enjoyed both main characters. Most of the story is told from Sam’s perspective and it was fun to experience the life of a best-selling author who is living the dream.

Tess was a great romantic interest and I could see why Sam fell for her.

The Writing Style

Aurora Rey has an easy, fun writing style that effortlessly translates into a great audiobook. It holds your attention just enough to keep you wanting more without making you think really hard. It’s the perfect kind of audiobook for listening while commuting, shopping or the 101 other mindless things one needs to do.

The Narration

AJ Ferraro is a great narrator for Rey’s writing style. She has a voice that kept me interested, enough inflection to make the story interesting and does the different voices well.

I would absolutely listen to her again.

The Pros

This is a great audiobook. It is a light, fun story that is perfect for the times when you want to be interested but don’t want to spend too much energy concentrating.

The Cons

Not a thing.

The Conclusion

Get this audiobook. It’s an interesting story with captivating characters, great narration and an easy writing style. It really is the perfect kind of audiobook for those times when you want a good listen.

Excerpt from Crescent City Confidential by Aurora Rey

The woman behind the bar, who’d been facing away from her, turned and smiled. “Good afternoon.”

Sam felt a quick surge of desire. Not uncommon, but the intensity of it caught her off guard. “Hi.”

“What can I get for you today?”

“Ah, I think I’m in the market for some oysters.”

The woman flashed a smile that made her even more stunning. “Well, you came to the right place. A dozen?”

Sam nodded. “That would be great.”

“Would you like a drink as well? Or a drink menu?”

Sam set her elbows on the bar, crossed her arms, and leaned forward. “What would you recommend?”

“A Bloody Mary if it’s brunch time, but in the afternoon, a French 75.”

Sam wasn’t familiar. “What’s that?”

“Gin, champagne, and lemon juice.”

Sam couldn’t think of a better pairing. “Sold.”

“Coming right up.”

The woman gestured to a passing waiter and Sam took the opportunity to study her. She was petite; Sam would guess five-two at the most. Her hair was sandy blond and cut pixie short. She had a heart-shaped face and high cheekbones, which only added to the overall pixie look. As did the whimsical, handmade earrings. Sam noticed the name Tess, embroidered on the white chef coat she wore under a long black apron.

With the drink order in, Tess got to work on the oysters. Sam had the perfect seat to watch her work. After scooping some crushed ice onto a metal platter, she picked up her knife–a stubby little thing with a black handle that looked to be plastic. The blade was rounded and not more than five or so inches in length. Sam thought about the chefs who traveled with their own knives, sets worth thousands of dollars tucked into special cases and treated with reverence and respect. This was not one of those knives.

But to watch Tess wield it, you’d think it was an object of beauty and precision.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781626397644
  • Publisher/Audiobook Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
  • Narrator: AJ Ferraro

Aurora Rey Online 

Note: I received a free review copy of Crescent City Confidential by Aurora Rey. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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