The Cost of Commitment by Lynn AmesThe Cost of Commitment by Lynn Ames is book two in the Kate and Jay series. In the first book, The Price of Fame, we saw Kate and Jay get together, and this book takes their relationship a step further. But, this is so much more than just a romance, with a sprinkling of politics, intrigue and thriller.

Kate is now in a new job with long hours and is permanently on call. She is doing the job well and we see the beginnings of political intrigue when it becomes apparent, at the beginning of the story, that Kate is expected to fail. When she doesn’t, the perpetrators start to show desperation and begin to engineer events to suit their purposes.

The Characters

The characters continue to be extremely well written. Kate is commanding, in control and highly intelligent. She manages to say the right thing, at the right time and mostly just makes me jealous! She and Jay have snappy conversations with excellent one-liners and slow burn innuendos.

Jay, I think, is slightly underwritten, but in some respects I would expect that, as Kate really takes the lead in this book. However, Jay does provide a good contrast to Kate, in that she is intelligent and perceptive. As the story progresses, the strength of both the women and their relationship is tested and that is just so well written.

There is a large cast of characters with a couple that begin to get more exposure as Kate’s friends. Firstly, Peter, a security and tactical weapons specialist, and Barbara Jones, a doctor and master chef.

The Writing Style

The political intrigue on which the story is based, and much of the structure of the different organisations, is very American. But as a Brit I found it easy enough to navigate, and the way that Lynn Ames writes ensures you know enough to judge the importance of things that are happening in the story. The writing, particularly in the action scenes, is just so well done, I was able to both picture what was happening and almost hear and smell it as well. In addition, I think you can tell how well written something is by the level of emotional anxiety you have, and I promise that mine was at a high level.

I think it important to say here that the way the book is written makes it just so easy to read. Lynn Ames is a master storyteller and she draws you both in and along. Time passes without your realization.

The Pros

I think this is a better read than The Price of Fame. I liked that it had romance and action and intrigue, and whilst the story has a clear ending, there are lots of threads that will lead into the next book.

The Cons

Occasionally I could have done with a little less of the undying love, but maybe that’s just a personal thing and I’m not quite the romantic I thought I was!

The Conclusion

This book takes Kate and Jay to another level and I really enjoyed the political shenanigans and the lust for power that underpins a lot of thrillers. I am really looking forward to seeing where Lynn Ames takes us next.

Excerpt from The Cost of Commitment by Lynn Ames

“My God, Jay, you are the most beautiful woman in the world. How did I ever get so lucky?” Kate stood with her arms around Jay’s waist from behind. A brilliant shaft of moonlight shone down on them as they stood outside on the deck overlooking the backyard.

The moon was bright and full, and as they gazed up at the profusion of stars overhead, Jay sighed contentedly. “Sweetheart,” she rotated her head and kissed the corner of Kate’s mouth, “I’m the lucky one.” She turned fully to nuzzle the expanse of neck and shoulder that were within easy reach. “What happened today…” She trailed off as slender, graceful fingers covered her lips.

“I don’t want to talk about work right now, babe. I just want to be here with you, okay?” Kate replaced her fingers with lips, punctuating her words with a long, slow kiss.

“Mmm. You won’t get any arguments here.” Breathless, Jay pulled back in the circle of Kate’s arms and regarded her. “Shall we talk about the future, love?”

“As long as it involves you, me, and a lifetime of togetherness, I’m easy.”

“Sounds wonderful to me. Well, then, I guess there’s nothing more to say.” Jay made as if to go inside. “Hey, wait a minute!”

“What?” Jay batted her eyes innocently.

“Get back here, you.”

“Something you want?”

“Mmm-hmm. You. I can’t wait to make you mine.”

“I am yours, sweetheart.”

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