Conduit by KF BradshawConduit by KF Bradshaw is the second book in the Enchanters YA fantasy trilogy and one I just couldn’t put down.

Following the success of their epic quest to return magic to Damea, Conduit sees the bonds of our found family of misfits grow ever tighter as they face greater peril. For even though the magic has been restored to the land, it is still unstable, and the cause of its loss remains unknown.

After winning the war against Azgadaran, Diana has claimed her throne as the Queen of Gurdinfield. Andrea has been appointed the Royal Enchanter and Cassie has become a valued Guardian.  In efforts to restore the glory and prosperity of the realm, Diana plans a diplomatic mission to Azgadar to discuss a potential alliance with Empress Ithmeera. But not everyone is happy the magic has returned to the land and the tenuous peace is threatened by those who still fear magic and its enchanters.

Believing the prospect of peace is at hand, Andrea and Cassie embark on a trip to Andrea’s hometown of Ata so Andrea can reconcile with her parents and introduce them to Cassie. However, more than just a family reunion awaits the couple in the Western Hills and they soon discover that restoring the magic to Damea was only the first step in their quest. When enemies become friends and friends become enemies, who can they trust?  Something is still amiss in Damea and Andrea, Cassie and their friends must figure out what before time runs out.

The Characters

Conduit reunites us with the eclectic cast of characters we met in Enchanters with some taking on more, and others less prominent roles. The bonds of friendship between the core group have grown much deeper after the trials they have faced and are brilliantly depicted through caring gestures and playful gibes. It was heartwarming to watch the familial interactions between them all.

There is also a greater focus on the romantic relationship between Andrea and Cassie in this book. I loved watching it grow much deeper and become a little more sensual. Bradshaw really captures the combination of timidness and desire new couples experience in the beginning of a relationship. The nervousness they both experience surrounding the meeting of the parents was adorable while the passion they felt when alone together was palpable.

The Writing Style

I enjoyed the first book in this series, but Conduit has me completely hooked. The pacing is more intense, the plot more complex and there are more interesting twists to keep you engaged.

The comedic dialogue is fabulous. I love great banter and there is no shortage of teasing delivered in this book. The ending is a bit of a cliff hanger and I’m left anxiously awaiting the release of the third book in the trilogy to find out what happens next.

The Pros

The world building in this trilogy is amazing and we discover even more interesting aspects about it in this book. But it is the characterization that really shines through for me. Each of the main characters have such depth and are so compelling (OMG Elisa!). They are truly unforgettable and really come alive, no easy feat considering the amount of key characters in the book.

The Cons

Waiting for the third book in the trilogy to be released.

The Conclusion

Who doesn’t want more fantasy in their lives? Conduit will fulfill all of your fantasy needs while simultaneously warming your heart with the bonds of friendships forged in battle, family created by circumstance and true love united by magic.

Excerpt from Conduit by KF Bradshaw

“The magic is right there! Use it and fix this!” Cassie. It had been such a long journey. The Black Forest. Azgadar. Gurdinfield. And finally, Rhyad. They had been through so much – the fighting, the arguments, the sheer stubbornness that delayed them almost every step of the way.

The lies Andrea had told.

Cassie had been so angry when the horrible truth had been revealed – that there was no way to send her home. But that did not matter. Nor did Cassie’s anger. That was why Andrea had to cast the barrier – to stop the rocks. Cassie was the key to it all, yes, but she was so much more than that.

The hum of the sphere grew louder and the room began to shake. The odd sensation amplified into a debilitating weakness that spread throughout her body. As she grew weaker, the sphere pulsed more brightly.

“…enchanters are the reason for every problem in this land!” her father’s angry words. She had never let them go. Perhaps she never would. What would it take? They had found the magic – what else was left for her to do?

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