Commitment by Nancy Ann HealyCommitment by Nancy Ann Healy takes Alex and Cassidy into the third volume in the series and it gets better and better!

Alexis Toles continues in her role as the highly intelligent, multi-talented operative and linguist but no longer for the FBI or CIA. She is deeply embedded within an organization called the Collaborative, which appears to comprise of members of different agencies from different countries including France, the UK and Russia. I say appears because as those of you familiar with this work will realize, no one ever is who they appear to be. The organization is working below the radar across the globe and Alex is convinced that they had something to do with the death of her great friend and ex Commanding Officer, President John Morrow, so she is following any leads from within. She continues to find strength in her relationship with Cassidy

Cassidy meanwhile is continuing to provide a nurturing home environment for Alex while they both struggle to deal with all that has been happening to them. In addition, along with Cassidy’s son Dylan they have to come to terms with a very bitter custody battle fought by Congressman Chris O’Brien, Cassidy’s ex-husband.

The Characters

Alex Toles continues to be a tower of strength with a kickass attitude on the outside and a very soft middle. She has moments of weakness and we see this in her efforts to manage her undercover life, her business life and her personal life. She struggles to balance saving the world and being there for Cassidy. This mix of strength and vulnerability is what makes her so very lovable to me <still sighing from Vol 2>.

Cassidy’s character develops as she starts to show that she really needs Alex’s strength as she struggles to deal with her ex-husband. She struggles to find work as a teacher because of her media ‘notoriety’ forced by the revelations of her husband in his custody struggles.

Dylan, Cassidy’s son, nicknamed Speed by Alex because he races everywhere, deserves a mention as a character in his own right. He is very endearing and I found myself continually wanting to give him a hug whilst he is forced to deal with both his father’s custody battle over the TV and children at his school.

Christopher O’Brien continues to be a loose cannon throughout the story, leaving you wondering what he is likely to do next.

The Writing Style

The style of the previous two volumes continues here with the various storylines interwoven. I think that Healy is growing into the style and I found that she has really mastered the art of leaving you hanging until that element of the story comes around again.

The Pros

The story is really based on the fact that no-one is who they appear. Just when you think a character is on one side, you find that they aren’t. It is intriguing and keeps you guessing. The relationship between Alex and Cassidy and their extended family continues to grow and provides contrast with the rest of the story.

The Cons

I have none.

The Conclusion

This is a must read! It continues the excellent thriller started in Volume 1. But I would suggest you read the other books first. I believe you could manage to start at this volume, but you would miss so much!

Excerpt from Commitment by Nancy Ann Healy

“I don’t know what is in there,” Helen said.

“I expect there are many things I don’t know.” Helen saw Cassidy’s expression darken slightly.

“Oh,” Helen chuckled. “I know more than he or Alex, or even you might think. You live with someone long enough, well… There are no perfect secrets, Cassidy.”

“Why give it to me now?” Cassidy asked.

Helen took a moment to regard the younger woman before her. She took a deep breath and then gently touched Cassidy’s cheek. “Oh, Cassidy. You and I are very much alike; I suspect. Alex will always have other commitments. She is very much like her father in that way.”

Cassidy swallowed hard. “And you, well, your commitment is to your family. So is hers. She just has a different way of showing it. She is her father’s daughter, even if she would like to deny that. I’ll leave you for a while. Read it or wait. I have no idea what it says. I know two things. Two things I have always known. Nicolaus loved me,” she paused.

“And?” Cassidy gently urged.

“And, he loved his children. No matter what he said or what he did.” A tear trickled down her cheek. “He loved them.”

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