Cold to the touch by Cari HunterCold to the touch by Cari Hunter is the follow up to No Good Reason.

In the second book of the Dark Peak series, we return to the world of Detective Sanne Jensen and Doctor Meg Fielding, who between books appear to have drifted apart somewhat.

Sanne has been struggling with this distance, and is on a warning at work when she is allocated, with her long-suffering partner Nelson, a murder of a drug addict.

Meanwhile Meg, currently dating Dr Emily Woodall, is trying to deal with the return of her wayward brother.

When Sanne discovers a link between her latest case and two more murders, is she able to solve the murders that seem so random, so without motive? And will she be able to reconnect with Meg in time to help her deal with her brother’s return?

The Characters

I love these characters. Not usually one for a happily ever after, I was rooting for Meg and Sanne to get themselves sorted in Book 1 of the series, and I continue to do so despite Meg being involved with Emily in Cold to the touch.

We learn more about both characters in this book. Meg’s history and family life is laid bare in the story arc involving her brother’s return, and we learn more about her desire to be loved and taken care of through her somewhat deficient relationship with Emily.

Sanne has slowly been falling apart since No Good Reason, and this continues in the early stages of Cold To The Touch. We learn just how important Meg is to Sanne, not just romantically, but to her emotional and mental wellbeing. We are reminded just how good Sanne’s policing instincts are, and how little confidence in that (and herself) she has. Best of all, we are reminded that these two women are strong, intelligent women, who are stronger and smarter together.

The Writing Style

Cari Hunter is masterful at pacing her novels. Cold to the touch flows perfectly from start to finish, and despite rushing through it, I didn’t feel rushed. It was difficult to put this book down, and Hunter uses the perfect balance of scene setting, details and dialogue to guide you through the storyline.

The Pros

Everything about this book has a superlative attached to it. This book would be great as a standalone novel, but is best as the second in the series. Love that the storyline doesn’t depend on the relationship between Sanne and Meg to progress, but that relationship is what makes the Dark Peak series exceptional. Sanne and Meg are those characters you want to have over for dinner… if you could ever coordinate their schedules to make it work.

The Cons

Nothing. LOVED this book.

erins favourite booksThe Conclusion

Revisiting the world of Sanne and Meg is like visiting old friends. It was so easy to step into this book and so hard to stop once I started.

Cari Hunter is totally in my top three must read authors now, and I can’t wait to read the third installment of the Dark Peak series. I live in hope that Cari Hunter decides Sanne and Meg’s story is not done. Absolute must read.

Excerpt from Cold to the touch by Cari Hunter

“Anything you need support with?” Eleanor asked, sounding less like a detective inspector and more like a boss who knew a fair bit about Sanne’s background.

“No, but thank you.” Sanne’s fingers ached as she straightened them. She wondered whether her nails had drawn blood.

“You’ve always been an asset to this team, but I won’t hesitate to transfer you out if you become a liability.” Eleanor dropped her glasses back into place and made a note on the file in front of her. “You’re on a three-month improvement notice. If there are no further issues after that time, the notice will be removed from your records.”

“Yes ma’am,” Sanne said, both relieved and mortified.

Eleanor nodded. “You’re dismissed. Shut the door on your way out.”

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  • ISBN number: 9781626395268
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

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