Too Close To Touch Georgia BeersToo Close to Touch by Georgia Beers is the first book I ever read by her and it’s still my very favourite. It’s also one of my favourite romances, with love developing in the workplace between an admin and her boss.

Kylie O’Brien is a hopeless romantic, still single because she won’t settle for anything other than true love. Her best friend, Mick, has been waiting in the wings for years, but Kylie just doesn’t have those feelings for her. The last thing she expects is to fall for her new boss, ice queen Gretchen Kaiser, but Kylie just can’t seem to resist her.

The Characters

I love Gretchen and Kylie. Like, big time, fighty feelings, you can’t tell me anything about them because they’re one of my favourite lesfic couples, love them. Their respective jobs make them terrible for each other, but their chemistry is off the charts, and the way neither woman can stay away is delicious. They complement each other well, making a powerful pair both at work and outside the office.

Although this is Gretchen and Kylie’s story, some of the book is told from Mick’s perspective. I found her more difficult to connect with because of the torch she’s carrying for Kylie and how that leads her to behave. I hope she and Kylie go for therapy together later or something, because they need it.

The Writing Style

This is such a well-written book. The pacing is perfect, the romance is great, the character work strong, and damn but is the sex writing ever fantastic.

The Narration

Abby Craden does an amazing job with the narration for this one. I will definitely listen to this one again!

The Pros

Gretchen and Kylie. I love them individually and together. I can’t say enough good about them and how much I love reading about them falling in love.

The Cons

I don’t like how the big incident between Mick and Kylie is handled. It isn’t acknowledged for what it is or addressed at all.

taras favourite lesbian booksThe Conclusion

Too Close to Touch is an amazing lesbian romance. It’s been one of my favourites for years and will be for years to come. I highly recommend it in both print and audio.

Excerpt from Too Close to Touch by Georgia Beers

“Kylie, were you able to get ahold of shipping?” she tossed over her shoulder as she bent to open her bottom drawer. When she stood back up, Kylie was standing in front of her desk not two feet away.

“I’ve got a call in. They haven’t seen them yet.”

“Jesus.” Gretchen pressed a hand to her chest, trying to recover from Kylie’s silent appearance. “You scared me.”

Kylie smiled. “Sorry. Jim always said I moved like a cat. Would you rather I stomp in?”

“It might save me a heart attack or two.”

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  • ISBN number: 9781933110479
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
  • Audiobook Publisher: Audible Studios
  • Narrator: Abby Craden

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