The Client by Meghan O’BrienThe Client by Meghan O’Brien is an erotic lesbian short story that’s the perfect choice when you have an hour to kill and want to read something that’s super sexy, thoughtful and just a little bit sweet.

Juliet Carson is a part-time professional escort with a touch of new-client jitters. When the client shows up and is like something out of her nightmares, she’s more than pleasantly surprised by the way their time together unfolds.

The Characters

Although The Client is told in the third person, it’s all from Juliet’s perspective during her two-hour session with her new client. For a short story, Juliet is amazingly well fleshed out, which may be at least in part because of the premise (which I’m trying desperately not to spoil, because, trust me, you really don’t want it to be spoiled). For that matter, so is her client. For a story that’s less than 15,000 words, a lot of depth goes into these two characters and their time together, making for a very satisfying story.

The Writing Style

The Client has an easy style and steady pace to it. Unsurprisingly it’s scorchingly hot, but it’s not just sex from the first page to the last. This story packs a serious punch, dealing with issues I wouldn’t typically expect to see in an erotic short. For example, I appreciated getting insight into why Juliet got into escorting despite having a career in marketing. It’s a nice reminder of the economic realities that can lead to sex work that also acknowledges that sex work is real work.

The Pros

Everything. This story was a delightful surprise and I liked everything from the characters to the story to the issues it tackles to the actual sex writing itself. Meghan O’Brien is so good and I love that she’s putting out so many books and stories these days.

The Cons

This story is damn near impossible to talk about without spoiling the premise.

The Conclusion

If you’re a fan of erotic stories, definitely pick up The Client. Meghan O’Brien is the queen of lesbian erotic storytelling and you won’t be disappointed.

Excerpt from The Client by Meghan O’Brien

Juliet couldn’t help but grin at the prospect of helping to liberate someone as sexually repressed as Drew seemed to be. These were the appointments that made her love this work. “Something tells me your idiot ex-boyfriends had no idea what they were doing down there.”

“Entirely plausible.” Drew gasped when Juliet tightened her grip on her crotch. “I am the only one who’s ever made me come. Despite a few valiant efforts.”

“Challenge accepted.” Juliet opened the button on Drew’s jeans, then lowered the zipper with a cocky smirk. “You can’t throw down a gauntlet like that and expect me not to reciprocate.”

“I’ll let you try.” Drew ran her fingernails down Juliet’s forearm, stopping at her wrist. “I want you to.”

“That’s the spirit.”

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