the chasing game by meghan o'brienThe Chasing Game by Meghan O’Brien is a perfect erotic short that you should never, ever read in public or in front of family or anywhere you might get interrupted. It’s kinky and emotional, featuring consensual non-consent play between a happily married couple, and is exactly the kind of erotica that lesfic needs.

Lucy and Jamie have been together for a decade and they’re just as attracted and sexually engaged as ever, with Jamie regularly topping Lucy. One of their favourite BDSM scenes is the chasing game, but Jamie is a little reluctant after the way it went last time. It’s up to Lucy to remind Jamie that she knows exactly what she’s in for and tonight she wants to be chased.

The Characters

Because it’s a short story, we don’t get to know the characters very well, but I liked what is there. Lucy is typically sexually submissive, but she also has a streak of mischief that serves her well. We see her explore a whole other side of herself in a way that’s interesting, yet beautiful, because she’s so conscientious. Jamie is a big, butch sweetheart who adores her wife. She’s comfortable in the dominant role, but also trusts Lucy wholeheartedly.

The Writing Style

Everyone knows that Meghan O’Brien writes some of the best lesbian erotica and erotic romance going, and The Chasing Game is no exception. It’s hot as hell, especially because of the strong threads of trust and communication running throughout.

The BDSM may be too intense for some with elements like face slapping and humiliation as part of the consensual non-consent play. However, if you read erotic fiction at all, I’d recommend you still give it a try because this story does an excellent job of showing exactly what enthusiastic consent looks like. There’s never any question of whether either character is okay with what’s going on because they talk clearly about boundaries, reinforce that they have a safeword and check in occasionally to make sure they’re still on the same page. Too often erotic scenes are based on characters responding to physical cues, sometimes to the point of ignoring verbal responses. I appreciate that in stories like The Chasing Game and The Muse, Meghan O’Brien shows us that it’s not only possible and responsible to get and reinforce consent, but it can be sexy.

The Pros

Hot sex, great characters and responsible BDSM—this short story has it all.

The Cons

None for me, but like I said, some people might find elements of it too intense.

Tara's Favourite Novels reviewed on on TheLesbianReview.comThe Conclusion

There’s a lot to love about The Chasing Game. If you like erotic stories at all, and particularly kinky ones, you should definitely read it.

Excerpt from The Chasing Game by Meghan O’Brien

“Are we f*cked up?”

Lucy chuckled as she peeled off her jeans, but quickly sobered when she realized that Jamie was asking a serious question. A very serious question, judging by the contemplative expression on her gorgeous face. After brief but thoughtful consideration, Lucy said, “I don’t think so. Why, do you?”

“No.” But Jamie spoke too quickly, almost defensively. A second later, she sighed. “I mean…I don’t know.”

Now clad only in a light purple camisole and matching panties, Lucy sat on the edge of the bed and watched as her powerfully built wife socketed their favorite dildo into her boyshort-styled harness. Confused, she asked, “Where is this coming from? I thought you liked the chasing game.”

Jamie’s throat moved as she swallowed. She rolled her broad shoulders, making Lucy wish she could massage away their obvious tension without distracting her from answering. After a pause, Jamie said, “I do.”

“Well, so do I.”

Guilty eyes found hers. “Really?”

Lucy affected her best insulted look. “Hey, I might win this time.”

Jamie smiled fondly, though she clearly didn’t believe that. “Sure, baby.”

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