Reverie by Eliza Andrews

Reverie by Eliza Andrews is like a deep, dank fog that gets into your brain and your pores and won’t let you out of its clutches even when you finish the last page. Welcome to Reverie, a small town in South Carolina with only a few hundred residents, one salon, one auto shop, and one new arrival. Lucinda Hamilton is fleeing from a terrible past. During the day she does

10 Best Tennis Novels

These are Sarah’s 10 Best Tennis Novels. 1 Love Match by Ali Vali Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Also available on Audible Synopsis Parker “Kong” King is the number one tennis player in the world with a real talent for getting women in her bed. To prepare herself for the one title she’s never won—and avoid the press and her ex—she retreats to a secluded home in Press Cove, Alabama. There

White Houses by Amy Bloom: Book Review

White Houses by Amy Bloom is the story of Lorena Hickok and Eleanor Roosevelt. Lorena met Eleanor in 1932 when she traveled with ER and FDR reporting on Franklin Roosevelt’s first presidential campaign. Lorena was not instantly captivated by Eleanor because she found her idealistic. In the company of the next president and future first lady she developed close friendships, especially with Eleanor. Hick’s (as she was known) feelings for

The Taste Of Her by Jess Lea

The Taste Of Her by Jess Lea is the first of a two-part collection of erotic short stories that revolve around the theme of power and control—women who have it, those who want it, and those who love to watch. It’s a naughty, sexy romp through the ages, as lesbians, from shop girls and poets to uptight nuns, learn lessons on lust and longing that they’ll never soon forget. The

re bradshaw waking up grey

Waking Up Gray by RE Bradshaw is guest reviewed by Laney Webber, super librarian and lesfic author. This is what she says about Waking Up Grey: Lizbeth Jackson has been divorced from her husband for five years and is beginning a three-month sabbatical on Ocracoke Island, off the coast of North Carolina. She visited the island as a child and is back again to study the Carolina brogue spoken there

The Muse by Meghan O’Brien: Book Review

The Muse by Meghan O’Brien is a guest review by Lise MacTague – I keep trying to persuade her to give up her job and do reviews for me full time or at least when she isn’t writing her novels (because I do not want to lose those) but she says she needs the money that a job provides. So we will have to settle for occational reviews from her.

New Beginnings by KC Richardson

New Beginnings by KC Richardson was read and reviewed by the author, KA Moll.  This is the KC Richarson’s debut novel and my first opportunity to read her work. I can’t imagine my wife cheating on me. Never. I can’t imagine coming home to find that she had. As I write this review, I’m trying to wrap my mind around what it might have been like for the main character

Sandcastles by Suzie Carr (Guest Review by Lynn Lawler)

Sandcasles by Suzie Carr is guest reviewed by Lynn Lawler. You can find out more about her at the bottom of the page in her profile. Good morning friends. I have been very busy with my reading and have just finished this incredible book by Suzie Carr. Suzie is a positive minded woman who incorporates her messages into her stories. She is the author of several books including, “Sandcastles”, which

LA Metro by RJ Nolan: BookReview

LA Metro is Guest Reviewed by author KA Moll – See her profile here L.A. Metro by RJ Nolan is set, as the title implies, in and around the L.A. Metropolitan Hospital in California. It was the first novel that I had the pleasure of reading by this author. On a superficial level, this story is about the romance that develops between a newly hired psychiatrist, Dr. Kimberly Donovan and