This was a book for The Lesbian Review Book Club

Curious Wine by Katherine V Forrest

Curious Wine by Katherine V Forrest is a beautiful story about finding out who you are when you least expect it. Published in the early 1980s, it’s a classic lesbian romance that’s won the hearts of many a reader, and for good reason. Diana Holland needs a break and her colleague Vivian convinces her to stay at a friend’s cabin in Lake Tahoe with some other people who are also

Warming Trend by Karin Kallmaker

Warming Trend by Karin Kallmaker is a gorgeous second chance romance. You should go read it right now. Still not convinced? Then let me tell you what it’s about: Anidyr (Ani) Bycall is barely living. She is working in an ice bar in Key West that is as close to home as she can get. Her heart belongs in Alaska, where she can dance on a glacier with the woman

Crossing The Wide Forever by Missouri Vaun

Crossing The Wide Forever by Missouri Vaun is a wonderful romance and it has one of my favorite themes – women who dress as men to get a fair shot. In this one we meet Cody and Lillie. Cody escapes her father’s beatings by taking her sister and running away from home. She drops her sister with their aunt and embarks on a journey out of Arkansas towards California. The

Five Moons Rising by Lise MacTague

Five Moons Rising by Lise MacTague is a brilliant urban fantasy romance. Malice is a specially engineered hunter with one job – keep the nightmare creatures from causing too much havoc. You see, werewolves, vampires, demons and other monsters, known as supranormals, are real. For the most part they go about their business and humans are never aware of their existence. But sometimes they go rogue or decide to make

The Sublime And Spirited Voyage Of Original Sin By Colette Moody

The Sublime And Spirited Voyage Of Original Sin By Colette Moody was recommended to me by my dear friend Tara. When I started saying words I normally wouldn’t say such as “verily” and practicing new crafts like throwing knives, I knew the book was good. Celia Pierce is about to marry the vainest man she has ever met but at least he is a doctor. On a night she is

Just Like That by Karin Kallmaker

Just Like That by Karin Kallmaker is the best kind of romance. It has lesbians, just enough angst and a delightful wit and writing style. This book is exactly why Kallmaker has been labeled the queen of lesbian romance. But before I fangirl too hard, let’s begin with the story. This is a lesbian retelling of Pride And Prejudice. While I was never a huge fan of the original (too

Courting The Countess by Jenny Frame

Courting The Countess by Jenny Frame is an adorable romance that I have listened to over and over again. The story is about Henrietta “Harry” Knight and Annie Brannigan. Harry loves her job as a professor of Archeology at Cambridge University and when her father dies and she becomes Countess of Axedale she is pulled away from her beloved career to fulfil a promise she made to her grandfather. The

Ambereye by Gill McKnight: Book Review

Ambereye by Gill McKnight is a fantastic book. It is the story of Hope Glassy who returns to her job at Ambereye, Inc. after a medical absence. While she was away her boss took on a new PA to help him with a big contract. Since she can only work part time until she has fully recovered he makes her PA to his sister, Jolie. Directly from the synopsis: Jolie

Embracing The Dawn by Jeannie Levig

Embracing the Dawn by Jeannie Levig has to be considered one of the best books of 2016 and one of the best audiobooks of 2017. This book is, at its most basic, a book about relationships, and the healing power they can have. The reader starts out waking up with Jinx and E. J. the morning after a one night stand. The thing is, we can see from the very

Wild by Meghan OBrien slider

Wild by Meghan O’Brien is a paranormal romance with a heavy emphasis on the romance. It’s got the sexiness we all expect from this author, but with a shifter and a wannabe serial killer thrown in the mix, it’s totally different from anything else she’s published. Selene Rhodes lives alone and stays away from people as much as possible, paying escorts to tie her to a table once a  month