Stories that revolve around The Wild West or traveling across the US to populate the country or are set in the 19th century frontier America.

Pioneering by K’Anne Meinel

Pioneering by K’Anne Meinel is the third book in the Vetted Series. This lovely story emphasizes the point that love makes a family and anything is possible when everyone in a family works together to achieve a common goal.  The long and perilous journey from the east to the west is over and the real test of patience and endurance has begun. Erin, Molly and their children have arrived in

Cavalcade by KAnne Meinel

Cavalcade by K’Anne Meinel is a romantic historical novel about facing your fears and taking risks anyway and creating a family with love as the sturdy foundation. Everything happens for a reason, right? After the death of her parents and losing the farm to the bank, Molly tries really hard to find the silver lining in her predicament. Molly was beyond grateful for Erin’s generosity because she took her in

Djara by Kat Evans

Djara by Kat Evans is great fun. Set during the westward expansion in the US, when people wanted to strike it rich by finding gold. Enter Djara, a bounty hunter who is not afraid of anyone. Well, except for Eden, a dark haired beauty who has always held her heart. This is the first book in a series and it’s only 15,000 words long. So inevitably it ends on a

Meet Me At 10 by Vicky Jones and Claire Hackney

Meet Me At 10 by Vicky Jones and Claire Hackney is a debut novel set in America’s South in the 1950’s. Shona Jackson is a woman running scared from a past that will haunt her for the rest of her days.  Shona runs straight into 1950’s small town Alabama with all of its prejudice and danger on her way to California.  When she manages to secure a home with Tom

Crossing The Wide Forever by Missouri Vaun

Crossing The Wide Forever by Missouri Vaun is a wonderful romance and it has one of my favorite themes – women who dress as men to get a fair shot. In this one we meet Cody and Lillie. Cody escapes her father’s beatings by taking her sister and running away from home. She drops her sister with their aunt and embarks on a journey out of Arkansas towards California. The

Hidden Truths by Jae

Hidden Truths by Jae takes place 17 years after Backwards to Oregon ends. In our opinion (Brooklyn and Tara), you don’t need to read Backwards to Oregon to read Hidden Truths, but it adds depth to the story. Hendrika Aaldenberg has nothing left after her best friend Johanna dies, she loses her job, and is kicked out of the boarding house she’s been living in. Nothing left, that is, but

Alaskan Bride by D Jordan Redhawk

Alaskan Bride by D Jordan Redhawk is an excellent historical romance, especially if you’re looking for something rich on the historical side with less emphasis on the romance. Clara Stapleton is already a spinster at the age of twenty-two, with no hope of finding an acceptable husband in post-Civil War Boston. Craving adventure and a new life elsewhere, she answers an ad seeking a mail-order bride from a trapper in

Somewhere Between Love and Justice by SW Andersen

Somewhere Between Love and Justice by SW Andersen is….so good. Sarah Sawyer is haunted by the day her parents were murdered in front of her and she was taken as a slave to the O’shea gang. It has been 10 years since that fateful day and she has made it her mission to bring Danny O’shea, the leader of the gang, and the men responsible for her nightmares down. On

Backwards To Oregon by Jae: Book Review

Backwards To Oregon by Jae is a historical novel about the trail to Oregon, the hardships it brings, and Luke and Nora Hamilton. Brooklyn and I (Tara) chose it as the first book in our new book club and we hope you all love Backwards to Oregon as much as we do. Nora has been a prostitute for three years. By living as “Fleur,” the highest paid girl working for

Sarah and Jude by Marie Piper: Book Review

Sarah And Jude by Marie Piper is a short story about a farmer’s daughter. Sarah Tate has grown into a beautiful woman and farmhand Jude has noticed. Sarah finds herself attracted to Jude despite the dangers that this attraction may bring them. The Characters Even though this is a short story you get a sense of Sarah’s innocence. But in all honesty the characters don’t really get a chance to develop.