A story set against the backdrop of war.

Any war, regardless of the other themes, so a real war or a fictional war.

A Study In Honor by Claire O’Dell

A Study In Honor by Claire O’Dell takes the underlying story-structure of the Sherlock Holmes stories and re-envisions it as a near-future thriller where Watson and Holmes are both queer black women in a USA that would be called dystopian if it weren’t to easy to see how we might get from here to there. Dr. Janet Watson, former army surgeon, has been discharged after losing an arm to the

Enchanters by KF Bradshaw

Enchanters by KF Bradshaw is an epic YA fantasy adventure quest full of heroic battles, magic and camaraderie. Damea has been facing a crisis of dwindling resources for years. Magic, once bountiful, powered everything on the planet from its cities to its farm equipment. Enchanters were the cornerstone of Damean society, manipulating magic to improve every facet of its citizen’s lives. With the magic all but gone, Enchanters are now

Compass Rose by Anna Burke

Compass Rose by Anna Burke is a fast-paced pirate tale set in the dystopian future of 2513. It challenges the meaning of loyalty and takes to heart the saying, “To thine own self be true”. It was an absolutely riveting read. The book demanded my attention. As I read scene after scene it became clear that I was powerless to put it down. I still catch my thoughts meandering back

Ardulum: First Don by JS Fields: Book Review 

Ardulum: First Don by JS Fields is not only a brilliant space opera bursting with intergalactic politics, epic space battles, and wonderfully realized planets and species, but it is also an incredible exploration of perspective as it applies to ethics and morality. The story takes place in the Chartered Systems, an alliance of several inhabited planets connected by wormholes. The Mercy’s Pledge is a ramshackle smuggler ship of Terran origin.

Blinded by Kim Pritekel: Book Review

Blinded by Kim Pritekel is a thriller with a good dose of adventure and a touch of fantasy. Burton Blinde is a reporter with a big future ahead of her working for CNN. But when she chases down the wrong story, everything blows up, and she runs away from everything she has ever known and worked for. When she is suddenly pulled into a mystery years later, Burton is unable

Survivors by K’Anne Meinel

Survivors by K’Anne Meinel is a story about surviving and thriving during a volatile, life-altering and unforeseen circumstance. Everyone had a theory about how the world would end. Some people believed the world would end because of climate change and others believed that weapons of mass destruction would be the downfall of the human race. But no one could have envisioned the horrific tragedies high death tolls or the irreparable

The Archer by K Aten

The Archer by K. Aten is the second book in the Arrow of Artemis Series. Sometimes the path your ancestors lay down for you is the path you do not choose to follow. Kyri was born and raised to become a master fletcher but she decides to remain with the Telequire Amazon tribe. She makes herself invaluable to them by using her skills to protect and serve them. Change is

The Eldritch Heart by Matthew S Cox

The Eldritch Heart by Matthew S Cox was a great way to pass the time. The Kingdoms of Lucernia and Evermoor have been at war with each other for 20 years. It has long been known the people of Evermoor have been consumed by demons and are blood thirsty stopping at nothing to destroy Lucernia. But a prophecy is foretold that the King of Lucernia, King Talomir, will bore a

The Covert Captain by Jeannelle M Ferreira

The Covert Captain: Or, A Marriage Of Equals by Jeannelle M. Ferreira is quite simply the best, most enjoyable lesbian Regency romance I have read so far. (And I’m something of a collector of the genre.) Captain Nathaniel Flemming comes home from the battle of Waterloo traumatized by the war, struggling on a peacetime half-pay salary, and still carrying the secret held since the day of enlistment: that Nathaniel is

Falling Hard by Keira Michelle Telford

Falling Hard by Keira Michelle Telford is the fictionalised story based on a real life photograph of a woman who committed suicide. Telford did research on the woman and then constructed the story of Evelyn Francis McHale. Evelyn served her country during the war. When she came home she seemed to have everything that a young woman could want, an adoring fiancé, a loving family and the knowledge that she