A story that is set in the past and uses true characteristics of the time. Generally set quite far back in history and not within the last 50 years.

Creatures Of Will And Temper by Molly Tanzer

Creatures Of Will And Temper by Molly Tanzer is a delightful Victorian paranormal romp with swordfighting, art criticism, decadent secret societies, and demons. The free-spirited Dorina Grey (allusions to a character by Oscar Wilde are entirely intentional) and her grumpily strait-laced older sister Evadne descend upon London in the care of their ailing Uncle Basil, a painter obsessed with a portrait of the recently-deceased Oliver. Oliver’s sister, lady Henrietta Wotton–Henry

As Long As Love Lasts by Jea Hawkins

As Long As Love Lasts by Jea Hawkins is a story that takes place in two time periods. In 2018 you meet Peyton and Brooke. Peyton is close to wanting a divorce. So close that she has a divorce lawyer’s business card. Brooke is younger and not serious enough for Peyton. They are at the point in their relationship where all Peyton can see are problems and all the reasons

Pioneering by K’Anne Meinel

Pioneering by K’Anne Meinel is the third book in the Vetted Series. This lovely story emphasizes the point that love makes a family and anything is possible when everyone in a family works together to achieve a common goal.  The long and perilous journey from the east to the west is over and the real test of patience and endurance has begun. Erin, Molly and their children have arrived in

Shaken to The Core by Jae

Shaken to the Core by Jae is a historical romance set against the backdrop of the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906.  Kate Winthrop is the only daughter of a high society shipping magnate and her parents have her life completely planned out, including an advantageous marriage that will produce an heir to the family empire. However, Kate is her own woman. She is a feminist ahead of her time

Awake Unto Me by Kathleen Knowles

Awake Unto Me by Kathleen Knowles is a coming of age story following two young women in turn-of-the-century San Francisco (pre-earthquake) from very different backgrounds. Kerry comes from the rough-and-tumble Barbary Coast neighborhood of gamblers and whorehouses. She’s more comfortable in trousers than skirts and seems set to follow her father into a number of illicit professions. But his death brings her under the patronage of an up and coming

Rebeccah And The Highwayman by Barbara Davies

Rebeccah And The Highwayman by Barbara Davies could easily be the prototype for the lesbian highwayman romance. In early 18th century England, Rebeccah Dutton is strangely drawn to the gallant masked robber who stops her family’s coach. In a moment of sentimentality, the outlaw allows Rebeccah to keep her late father’s signet ring while stripping the family of their other money and jewelry. That sentiment is repaid when “Blue-Eyed Nick”

Cavalcade by KAnne Meinel

Cavalcade by K’Anne Meinel is a romantic historical novel about facing your fears and taking risks anyway and creating a family with love as the sturdy foundation. Everything happens for a reason, right? After the death of her parents and losing the farm to the bank, Molly tries really hard to find the silver lining in her predicament. Molly was beyond grateful for Erin’s generosity because she took her in

White Houses by Amy Bloom: Book Review

White Houses by Amy Bloom is the story of Lorena Hickok and Eleanor Roosevelt. Lorena met Eleanor in 1932 when she traveled with ER and FDR reporting on Franklin Roosevelt’s first presidential campaign. Lorena was not instantly captivated by Eleanor because she found her idealistic. In the company of the next president and future first lady she developed close friendships, especially with Eleanor. Hick’s (as she was known) feelings for

Paris Adrift by Vanda: Book Review

Paris Adrift by Vanda is the third book in the Juliana Series and it is a story about embracing who you really are and opening your mind to new experiences. It’s 1955 and Alice ‘Al’ Huffman and Juliana are on their way to Paris; the city of breathtaking scenery, soulful music and scrumptious food. Al has so many desires that she holds close to her heart—she really wants to form

That Could Be Enough by Alyssa Cole: Book Review

That Could Be Enough by Alyssa Cole is one of a trio of historical romance novellas (published as Hamilton’s Battalion) inspired by the musical Hamilton and the way it held a lens of marginalized identities to view the founding of the United States. Romance authors Courtney Milan, Rose Lerner, and Alyssa Cole each created a story of romance in wartime, connected by the framing story of Eliza Hamilton’s quest for