A story set in the future but not necessarily science fiction.

2° by Bev Prescott

2° by Bev Prescott is a climate based dystopian tale set on a future Earth ravaged by the forces of nature and humankind alike.  It chronicles the adventurous journey of one woman who, in her quest to rescue her captured wife, discovers not only what she is capable of, but also what humanity can endure and accomplish when love is paramount.  It is 2092 and climate change has decimated the

Chosen by Brey Willows

Chosen by Brey Willows is a dystopian science fiction novel that is a perfect mix of action and romance. It invites the reader to ponder a “what if” scenario and see where their conscience leads them. The year is 2050 CE and climate change has progressed faster than any scientists had predicted. The Earth and many of its inhabitants are dying. Human extinction is no longer a matter of if,

Beneath The Surface by Rebecca Langham

Beneath the Surface by Rebecca Langham is book 1 of The Outsider Project. It takes place on a future Earth where humanity has so damaged the climate that people are forced to live in enclosed domes or beneath the surface. Perhaps that’s why when the Outsiders were made known to the people it was easier to put them underground. They were too alien, too different, and the populace was told

Soulwalker by Erica Lawson: Book Review

Soulwalker by Erica Lawson is a dystopian science fiction novel set one hundred years in the future, in a near-totalitarian state. There is a nice romantic subplot that makes this story accessible for those of us who are not naturally sci-fi inclined. Tarris Waite is a loner, an outcast, and an elite killer. She is the leader of the Black Shadow Corps. They are rare albinos. Albinos are born with

Ardulum: First Don by JS Fields: Book Review 

Ardulum: First Don by JS Fields is not only a brilliant space opera bursting with intergalactic politics, epic space battles, and wonderfully realized planets and species, but it is also an incredible exploration of perspective as it applies to ethics and morality. The story takes place in the Chartered Systems, an alliance of several inhabited planets connected by wormholes. The Mercy’s Pledge is a ramshackle smuggler ship of Terran origin.

Waking The Dreamer by K. Aten: Book Review

Waking The Dreamer by K. Aten WAS THE BEST! When I had finished I felt like I was in a trance like state. I was too sad and in a state of mourning when this book ended to even THINK about moving on to a new book. This was one of those books where when I wasn’t reading it my brain was trying to figure out which amazing TV show

Recombinant Love by KAnne Meinel

Recombinant Love by K’Anne Meinel is about Ryley Graham and her poodle, D.O.G.. They are from the 21st century and disappear in a flash of light one day while out hiking. More than 500 years later a life pod is found floating in space and picked up by a space ship whose mission is to explore wormholes. At first Ryley thinks she’s part of an elaborate government hoax but eventually

Rabbit by Max Ellendale

Rabbit by Max Ellendale is a lesbian romance between a cop and doctor that held me thoroughly enraptured. Alice Lange is a detective with a bias crimes unit in Seattle almost 10 years in the future. The book imagines that hate crimes have gone up enough to warrant dedicated police units, thanks to the current presidential administration in the US. When Alice is shot at a white nationalist rally that

Omnipotence Enough by Sophia Kell Hagin

Omnipotence Enough by Sophia Kell Hagin is the final book in the three book Jamie Gwynmorgan series. This is a dystopian thriller, and while there is love, there is very little romance. I left Book 2 wondering where Hagin was going to take Jamie in Book 3, I thought I’d be going ‘Oh God! No!’ and I was not wrong. We start the story with Jamie in captivity, once again.

Shadows of Something Real by Sophia Kell Hagin

Shadows of Something Real by Sophia Kell Hagin is Book 2 in the Jamie Gwynmorgan series. Just as in Book 1, it is a dystopian story set in the very near future and is following Jamie on her personal journey. (Side note: It may seem hard to believe that Jamie is still not twenty-one with all that has happened in her life.) The story starts with Lt. Jamie Gwynmorgan now