when a book makes you want to go aaaaw

As Long As Love Lasts by Jea Hawkins

As Long As Love Lasts by Jea Hawkins is a story that takes place in two time periods. In 2018 you meet Peyton and Brooke. Peyton is close to wanting a divorce. So close that she has a divorce lawyer’s business card. Brooke is younger and not serious enough for Peyton. They are at the point in their relationship where all Peyton can see are problems and all the reasons

Take Your TIme by VK Powell

Take Your Time by VK Powell is the third book in the Pine Cone Romance Series. This delightful story emphasizes the point of following your heart and not financial gain, the beauty of friendship and how awesome it is to be a part of a loving community. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and Grace Booker realizes this when her good deeds have caused her to be

Snow Globe by Georgia Beers

Snow Globe by Georgia Beers is a wonderful friends to lovers romance. It starts with Mackenzie crying in the bathroom after her girlfriend broke off their wedding less than two weeks before it was scheduled to happen. Determined not to let her ex destroy her entirely Mackenzie takes her best friend, Allison, on her honeymoon vacation to a LGBT resort in South Florida. What could be better for a healing

The Review by Annette Mori

The Review by Annette Mori is a suspenseful romance about life giving you a second chance at love. Silver Lining, a lesbian writer, has been drifting in a haze of grief since the sudden and untimely death of her wife Naomi. Through her writing, Silver has built a tentative online friendship with Jasmine, and despite herself Silver feels a growing attraction to Jasmine she cannot ignore. So, Silver decides to

Visiting Hours by Tagan Shepard

Visiting Hours by Tagan Shepard is a contemporary romance with a dramatic twist. Dr Jess Baker is new to Richmond, Virginia and the hospital where she works. She’s a confident, independent, hotshot physician from the West Coast who is now treating Beth, a high-risk pregnancy patient and trying to get the attention of Beth’s best friend Alison Reynolds. Ali finds Jess unprofessional, unnerving, and intriguing. Alison is a history professor

Turbulence by EJ Noyes

Turbulence by EJ Noyes is an erotic romance story. The story is also about being true to yourself, knowing your worth and living a life free from keeping up appearances to impress others. Isabelle Rhodes is a very wealthy and powerful stockbroker who carries a huge chip on her shoulder due to her recent break-up. With her history of failed relationships, Isabelle began to believe the angry words that were

Bridesmaid of Honor by Graysen Morgen

Bridesmaid of Honor by Graysen Morgen is a sweet, romantic story about two women who hate each other because they desire each other. This is one of those stories with no surprises, so it’s fun to curl up and read on any given day. Britton Prescott is the maid of honor in her best friend Heather’s wedding. What Heather fails to mention to Britton is her cousin, Daphne, is going

Unchained Memories by Dena Blake

Unchained Memories by Dena Blake is a story about overcoming life-altering events, opening your heart to loving someone despite all the odds being stacked against the blossoming romance and learning important lessons from past mistakes. A traumatic crime marred Jillian McIntyre’s youth and she was torn away from her home in Oklahoma to live with relatives in another state. Jillian has no choice but to return to her former hometown in

Just Juliet by Charlotte Reagan

Just Juliet by Charlotte Reagan was a light romantic read with a strong bisexual female lead. Lena Newman is starting her final year of high school. She’s average in just about every way. She has never given her sexuality a thought up until she meets Juliet James. Lena Newman now must analyze her relationship with her football playing boyfriend and everything she has in between. Juliet officially turns her world

Where The Light Plays by C Fonseca

Where The Light Plays by C Fonseca is a story about living your dreams, expressing your passions and creativity in myriad ways. It is also about love between friends, family and embracing the true love of a soulmate. Art is life to Andi Rey, the very talented artist who lives in Victoria, Australia. Her main priorities are having a successful solo exhibition, spending quality time with her family and being