A story that takes place in the music world or has a main character who is a musician and that fact is important to the story.

Off Limits by Vanessa North

Off Limits by Vanessa North is a rich girl/poor girl, celebrity romance (which we all know are two of my jams!) Nat is amped after performing with her punk band, Vertical Smile, when she meets Rebecca, a gorgeous and obviously wealthy blonde. Their immediate chemistry leads to an off-the-charts makeout session that appears to be heading somewhere promising, until Rebecca asks Nat to join her at a fundraiser and Nat

Wayworn Lovers by Gun Brooke: Book Review

Wayworn Lovers by Gun Brooke has a bunch of my favourite things in one place: it’s an age gap, rich girl/poor girl, opposites attract, workplace romance with an ice queen. It also brings back some of my favourite characters from Brooke’s previous romances, even though it’s a standalone story. Giselle Bonnaire is a renowned and talented composer who doesn’t leave the house because her anxiety disorder comes with an extra

Paris Adrift by Vanda: Book Review

Paris Adrift by Vanda is the third book in the Juliana Series and it is a story about embracing who you really are and opening your mind to new experiences. It’s 1955 and Alice ‘Al’ Huffman and Juliana are on their way to Paris; the city of breathtaking scenery, soulful music and scrumptious food. Al has so many desires that she holds close to her heart—she really wants to form

Forbidden Melody by Magnolia Robbins: Book Review

Forbidden Melody by Magnolia Robbins begins with Emma Harvey, an exceptionally gifted pianist and daughter to a renowned jazz musician, trying out for a place at the prestigious Bard Music Conservatory for her graduate studies. Her talent shines brightly and catches the attention of one of the professors sitting on the panel, Juliet Hamilton. Juliet herself is prodigy violinist and first chair in the New York Philharmonic. It’s only when

In Development by Rachel Spangler: Book Review

In Development by Rachel Spangler has so many of my favourite things that it makes me wonder if she got a hold of the “Tara’s jams” list. It’s a celebrity romance (check) between an actor and a pop star (check aaaaand check). It has a fake relationship (check), and an opposites attract pairing (check) with an ice queen (check) and a boi next door (which I didn’t even know was

The Music And The Mirror by Lola Keeley

The Music And The Mirror by Lola Keeley is a story about owning your own power, embracing uncertainty and taking a chance on love despite the challenges you may face. Being the new girl at the ballet company of her dreams is so much more than Anna could ever hope for and she is bursting with excitement. First impressions are supposed to be the best impressions, however, Anna makes a

Love Without Limits by Harper Bliss

Love Without Limits by Harper Bliss is the seventh book in her Pink Bean series. It’s also the first book in this series that brings back one of the previous couples as the main characters. You don’t necessarily have to have read Everything Between Us to pick up Love Without Limits, but I’d recommend you do mostly because I adored that book and think everyone should read it. Josephine Greenwood

Olympus Nights In The Square by Vanda

Olympus Nights In The Square by Vanda is the second book in the Juliana Series. How would you feel if you were told who you should love and if you didn’t comply, you could be branded as a criminal? Alice will do anything in her power to make Juliana famous and she also wants to keep her safe. Their secret lives could destroy them if the media discovers that they

Love’s Melody Lost by Radclyffe

Love’s Melody Lost by Radclyffe is one of the first books by this prolific author and it holds up so well that it’s no wonder why so many people still love it. Anna Reid accepts a position as a housekeeper at an estate in Cape Cod only to show up and realize the job is much more than she’d bargained for. Instead of simply managing the house at Yardley Manor,

Perfect Rhythm by Jae

Perfect Rhythm by Jae is a wonderful story that provides a beautiful representation for the asexual community. Even if you don’t know or don’t understand what Asexual is, it illustrates that even two people who identify differently in their sexuality can find common ground and build a loving, passionate relationship. Leontyne “Leo” Blake sings about love to millions of fans every night. Personally, she has lost all belief that love