A story that takes place in a hospital or has a doctor as a main character and that fact is important to the story.

Ask Tell by EJ Noyes

Ask, Tell by E.J. Noyes highlights the inner struggles of a woman’s heart caught in the crossfire of love and duty. This is Noyes’ debut novel, and she is fast becoming a favorite on my book shelf. Captain Sabine Fleischer is a skilled and dedicated U.S. Army surgeon deployed in Afghanistan. She is also one of the thousands of troops who is forced to serve in silence because of the

A Proper Cuppa Tea by KG MacGregor

A Proper Cuppa Tea by KG MacGregor is a delightful romantic story about learning from your mistakes and thriving in the face of adversity. It is also a story about opening your heart to love, exploring new possibilities and making peace with your past. The path to true love does not always run smoothly and Channing Hughes can wholeheartedly agree, especially after a doomed office romance runs its course and

Prescription For Love by Radclyffe

Prescription For Love by Radclyffe is a wonderful, angsty romance and I just didn’t want to stop listening. So when it ended I started it all over again. Abigail Remy has just joined the Rivers country hospital as the new ER chief. Not only is this a significant promotion for her, but she has the opportunity to give her transgender son a fresh start in a close-knit community. It seems

Lethal Care by Claire McNab and Katherine V Forrest: Book Review

Lethal Care by Claire McNab and Katherine V Forrest is the seventeenth book and final chapter in the Detective Inspector Carol Ashton Mystery Series. A promotion is supposed to bring a great deal of joy into your life and put a spring in your step, right? That would probably be the case for someone else but not for Detective Inspector Carol Ashton. Her recent promotion to Chief Inspector comes with

Vetted by K’Anne Meinel: Book Review

Vetted by K’Anne Meinel is a romantic age gap story about accepting who you really are, taking joy in what you are passionate about and learning to embrace love during difficult circumstances. Allyssa is a college student who yearns to be free from the demands of her upper class family. She wants to live her life on her own terms but her parents are always dictating her life by choosing

Heart Stopper by RJ Samuel

Heart Stopper by RJ Samuel is a medical thriller set in Ireland and featuring a woman of colour. Dr Priya Joseph is a medical researcher and coder working in Galway for a Pacemaker Clinic. Priya’s life has been out of control the last few years, and it only gets worse when she wakes up after a night out in her bosses apartment, where he lies dead on the floor. Daniel

Rabbit by Max Ellendale

Rabbit by Max Ellendale is a lesbian romance between a cop and doctor that held me thoroughly enraptured. Alice Lange is a detective with a bias crimes unit in Seattle almost 10 years in the future. The book imagines that hate crimes have gone up enough to warrant dedicated police units, thanks to the current presidential administration in the US. When Alice is shot at a white nationalist rally that

My Forever Hero by Karen Legasy

My Forever Hero by Karen Legasy is a story about trusting your instincts, accepting who you really are and following your heart. Marlee Nevins envisioned a vacation filled with sun, sand and sea. Australia seems like the perfect get away from her stressful job in Canada. For Marlee, surfing on the lovely beaches for weeks on end is a dream come true until a surfing mishap throws Marlee’s world into

Whispers Of The Heart by KA Moll

Whispers Of The Heart by KA Moll starts with Aki Williams embarking on a life changing journey. She travels from her home in Los Angeles to a small town in Illinois with the aim of meeting her biological sister. As a reason to visit she sets up an interview for a job as a paediatric ophthalmologist at the local hospital. She is terrified that she will find rejection but she

Cold to the touch by Cari Hunter: Book Review

Cold to the touch by Cari Hunter is the follow up to No Good Reason. In the second book of the Dark Peak series, we return to the world of Detective Sanne Jensen and Doctor Meg Fielding, who between books appear to have drifted apart somewhat. Sanne has been struggling with this distance, and is on a warning at work when she is allocated, with her long-suffering partner Nelson, a