A story that takes place of the course of someone’s life span.

As Long As Love Lasts by Jea Hawkins

As Long As Love Lasts by Jea Hawkins is a story that takes place in two time periods. In 2018 you meet Peyton and Brooke. Peyton is close to wanting a divorce. So close that she has a divorce lawyer’s business card. Brooke is younger and not serious enough for Peyton. They are at the point in their relationship where all Peyton can see are problems and all the reasons

This Time by SW Andersen

This Time by S.W. Andersen is a paranormal romance that will saturate your soul with the deepest longing and just when you feel you will surely break from yearning, it will fill your heart with the profoundest and purest love. Infused with aspects of Native mysticism surrounding souls and dreamscapes, this book is an emotional exploration of the perpetuity of love that neither the constructs of time nor space can

Outcaste by Fletcher DeLancey: Book Review

Outcaste by Fletcher DeLancey is the next book in the Chronicles of Alsea series. Though the title states that Outcaste is the 6th book in the Chronicles of Alsea series, it did not feel like a sequel, or even the prequel that it could have been. It is a coming of age tale that spans well into adulthood for a woman named Rahel Sayana. She lives in a world of

The Reappearing Act by Kate Fagan

The Reappearing Act by Kate Fagan is a memoir that everyone who has ever had an experience with coming out, personally or indirectly, needs to read. Fagan not only shares one of the hardest times in her life, she also exemplifies that when coming out as gay, acceptance is as important as acknowledgement. Before Kate Fagan was a feature writer for ESPN, she was a student athlete at the University

Veil of Silence by K’Anne Meinel

Veil of Silence by K’Anne Meinel is a story about surviving under harsh circumstances and the healing power of unconditional love that comes from the families we choose. Lieutenant Marsha Gagliano vanished without a trace after her helicopter went down in the rocky mountains of Afghanistan. After five years of no news of Marsha’s whereabouts, her wife is contemplating whether she should let go and move on with her life.

The Ada Decades by Paula Martinac

The Ada Decades by Paula Martinac is a short story collection that follows the life of Ada Shook. As a girl from a blue collar family in Charlotte, North Carolina, she’s expected to marry and have a family. Instead, a college scholarship leads her to become a school librarian, informing the course of the rest of her life. Ada is hired the same year that Central Charlotte Junior High is

The Outsider by K’Anne Meinel

The Outsider by K’Anne Meinel is a story of overcoming insurmountable odds, self-discovery and development, generosity, family life and love. Joy Parker was her parents’ greatest surprise and she brought much happiness into their lives. Her childhood was wonderful despite the animosity and resentment thrown her way by her older siblings. Her life as she once knew it was shattered by an unforeseeable calamity and she is forced to live

Letters Never Sent by Sandra Moran

Letters Never Sent by Sandra Moran is a book about choices—why we make them, and the consequences they have for our lives. Katherine Henderson left Kansas in 1931 for the bright lights of Chicago, choosing to work at the glove counter at Sears & Roebuck and live in a boarding house, rather than stick around and become a farmer’s wife. One day at work she meets Annie Bennett, a bright,

The Rise And Fall Of Radiation Canary by Geonn Cannon

The Rise And Fall Of Radiation Canary by Geonn Cannon is reviewed here by K Aten. Karen Everett is a young woman who isn’t sure where she’s going in life, but she has a notebook full of poetry and dreams. Those dreams were forever altered when she started listening in on a band practicing along her regular walking route. When she leaves her notebook behind and it’s discovered by one

Castle Wrath by Karin Kallmaker

Castle Wrath by Karin Kallmaker is the fun, erotic horror lesbian rewrite of Northanger Abbey that we never knew we needed. After learning that she’s in the running to inherit a castle, Brittany Brannigan heads from her native California to the Highlands of Scotland. All she has to do is last 30 nights in Castle Wrath with the other heir, the gorgeous Portia Tennielle, and one of them will get