A novel dealing with ones formative years, spiritual education or coming to terms with oneself and growing up.

Nights of Silk and Sapphire by Amber Jacobs

Nights of Silk and Sapphire by Amber Jacobs is an erotic romance set in an exotic desert kingdom with a larger than life hero, a harem full of gorgeous and diverse women, and a simmering revolution about to erupt. Even better, it is an opposites attract romance as well. Kidnapped from her privileged life of wealth and nobility, Dae is chained to a slaver’s caravan crossing the merciless Jaharri desert.

Missing Mary by Cricket Watson

Missing Mary by Cricket Watson is a suspenseful coming of age story about a young teen searching for her friend who is missing. What would you do if you were fourteen again, and the object of your affection suddenly vanished? Brenna Bianco has a secret crush on her friend Mary. Brenna is a latch key kid, an only child forced to spend a lot of time with her extended family

Awake Unto Me by Kathleen Knowles

Awake Unto Me by Kathleen Knowles is a coming of age story following two young women in turn-of-the-century San Francisco (pre-earthquake) from very different backgrounds. Kerry comes from the rough-and-tumble Barbary Coast neighborhood of gamblers and whorehouses. She’s more comfortable in trousers than skirts and seems set to follow her father into a number of illicit professions. But his death brings her under the patronage of an up and coming

Courting Light by A Zukowski

Courting Light by A Zukowski is a bitter sweet, coming of age novella that I found to be poignant and moving. I was attracted to the story because I am always looking for books that feature characters who are neurodiverse and I am so happy that this title came my way. Josie is an eighteen-year-old about to start university. She decides to take two weeks out of her summer to

Vetted by K’Anne Meinel: Book Review

Vetted by K’Anne Meinel is a romantic age gap story about accepting who you really are, taking joy in what you are passionate about and learning to embrace love during difficult circumstances. Allyssa is a college student who yearns to be free from the demands of her upper class family. She wants to live her life on her own terms but her parents are always dictating her life by choosing

The Archer by K Aten

The Archer by K. Aten is the second book in the Arrow of Artemis Series. Sometimes the path your ancestors lay down for you is the path you do not choose to follow. Kyri was born and raised to become a master fletcher but she decides to remain with the Telequire Amazon tribe. She makes herself invaluable to them by using her skills to protect and serve them. Change is

Unconventional Lovers by Annette Mori

Unconventional Lovers by Annette Mori is a story about healing from past hurts, doing what brings you joy and breaking away from other people’s expectations. Bri and Siera are young women who just want to follow their hearts and live their lives by doing the things that make their souls sing. This should have been a simple task but the world is not kind to people who do not measure

Bend by Nancy J Hedin

Bend by Nancy J Hedin is a novel set in the small town of Bend, Minnesota. Lorraine Tyler lives in Bend, a tiny place that would stifle any teenager, let alone a lesbian one. The local church is avidly against homosexuals and often preaches about how sinful it is. So, when Lorraine has a chance at a scholarship (and her only way out) she fights hard to win it. Her

Outcaste by Fletcher DeLancey: Book Review

Outcaste by Fletcher DeLancey is the next book in the Chronicles of Alsea series. Though the title states that Outcaste is the 6th book in the Chronicles of Alsea series, it did not feel like a sequel, or even the prequel that it could have been. It is a coming of age tale that spans well into adulthood for a woman named Rahel Sayana. She lives in a world of

The Fletcher by K Aten

The Fletcher by K. Aten is a story about family life, new beginnings and finding your purpose in life. Kyri has always been happy with continuing her family’s legacy of arrow making. She enjoys a peaceful life on her father’s secluded homestead. Kyri has already endured the death of her mother and she once thought that losing her mother would have been the hardest thing she had to endure in