The story takes place in an academic environment or one of the leads is a teacher, professor etc.

Learning Curves by Ceillie Simkiss

Learning Curves by Ceillie Simkiss is a charming novella about finding that one special person you never realized you couldn’t live without. Elena is a hardworking law student who aspires to work as a family lawyer to help kids who fall into the foster care system. She doesn’t have time for much else, especially a love life. Cara is working on her MBA and finds herself in the same business

Love Without Limits by Harper Bliss

Love Without Limits by Harper Bliss is the seventh book in her Pink Bean series. It’s also the first book in this series that brings back one of the previous couples as the main characters. You don’t necessarily have to have read Everything Between Us to pick up Love Without Limits, but I’d recommend you do mostly because I adored that book and think everyone should read it. Josephine Greenwood

Sappho's Bar And Grill by Bonnie J Morris

Sappho’s Bar And Grill by Bonnie J Morris is a time-travelling romp that has to be read to be believed. Hannah Stern is a women’s history professor, lonely after her last relationship ended two years ago and tired of her students who aren’t particularly interested in learning. When she hits her local haunt, Sappho’s Bar and Grill, for a drink with her best friend, longtime crush and bartender/mixologist Isabel, she

Romancing The Zone by Kenna White

Romancing The Zone by Kenna White is a story about the plans we make in life and how they may not turn out the way we expect. Whether they go askew due to a major life event, or we change them to take a chance on love, White shows us that sometimes where we end up is exactly where we’re supposed to be. Liz Elliott is fast approaching forty. She

Wild Things by Karin Kallmaker

Wild Things by Karin Kallmaker is the story of coming to terms with yourself and allowing love to find you. Faith Fitzgerald is a good girl. She lives with her parents because she doesn’t have a husband. She attends church every Sunday because it is expected. And she denies her attraction to women and she is likely to marry Eric, the charming man she is dating. On the surface Faith

It Should Be A Crime by Carsen Taite

It Should Be A Crime by Carsen Taite is a fabulous mystery with a heavy dose of romance. Morgan Bradley is stuck in an alley and doesn’t know how to find her way out. Fleeing the bar where she went to surprise her girlfriend may not have been Morgan’s best idea ever. But after seeing her lover making out with another woman on the dance floor, Morgan couldn’t help hightailing it

One Foot Onto The Ice by Kiki Archer

One Foot Onto The Ice by Kiki Archer is a romance that asks the question – what happens when two former classmates get together years later and discover that they have an attraction? Jenna James was the popular girl at St Wilfred’s all-girls school, now she is a Club Ski instructor. She enjoys her sport as she enjoys her women, fast and fun. Susan Quinn was the girl who quiffed

Hunter by Eliza Lentzski

Hunter by Eliza Lentzski is a worthy and heart-felt companion piece to the original “Winter Jacket” story. Here Lentzski takes us back through those early moments of Elle and Hunter’s relationship, but this time through the perspective of Hunter Dyson. Lentzski usually doesn’t revisit her stories from another character’s point of view. However, I am very happy she did for this series. To see Hunter’s thoughts as she falls for

Warming Trend by Karin Kallmaker

Warming Trend by Karin Kallmaker is a gorgeous second chance romance. You should go read it right now. Still not convinced? Then let me tell you what it’s about: Anidyr (Ani) Bycall is barely living. She is working in an ice bar in Key West that is as close to home as she can get. Her heart belongs in Alaska, where she can dance on a glacier with the woman

The Rules of Love by Cara Malone

The Rules of Love by Cara Malone is another fun little romantic romp with a side of hot sex thrown in. Maxine Saddler has exactly one friend at college as she goes for her post-graduate degree in library science. And Mira became her friend despite Max’s social problems, rather than anything Max did to become friends. So when Ruby Satterwhite shows up on campus in pursuit of her own post-graduate