Any kind of vampire, even sparkly ones.

Cinnamon Blade, Knife In Shining Armor by Shira Glassman: Book Review

Cinnamon Blade, Knife In Shining Armor by Shira Glassman is a short story. Reading it is like being dropped into the honeymoon phase of a relationship of a crime fighting superhero and an adorable nerd who definitely belong together. Cinnamon Blade, a thief turned superhero, has been waiting for the right moment to ask Soledad out. She does not want Soledad to think she owes her just because she has

Terrible Praise by Lara Hayes

I picked up Terrible Praise by Lara Hayes to skim while trying to decide which book I wanted to read next. It was like looking into the eyes of a vampire. I was ensnared and hypnotized before I knew it. I had been trapped and quickly fell prey. Stella has lived hundreds of years by Fane, her maker’s, side. For centuries she has carried out his wishes and vanquished those who

The Year of the Knife by GD Penman

The Year Of The Knife by GD Penman was a really intriguing book from the start. I was worried it would be too strange, too confusing with its alternate names and history, with the prevalence of seemingly science-based magic. However, The Year of the Knife proved to be just the opposite. Set in an alternate timeline of our world, New York City is called New Amsterdam and the colonies never

Good Enough To Eat by Alison Grey and Jae: Book Review

Good Enough To Eat by Alison Grey And Jae is a unique and adorable tale about two supernatural beings who come together and they are not what they say they are, humans. Robin Caldwell is a vampire and she needs blood to live. A near death experience for one of her victims leaves Robin scarred and unwilling to drink human blood any longer. She turns to synthetic blood but it just

Ex-Wives of Dracula by Georgette Kaplan: Book Review

Ex-Wives of Dracula by Georgette Kaplan has it all. Action! Comedy! Romance! Although it isn’t really about being Dracula’s ex-wife. Mindy’s childhood friend, Lucia, is beautiful but she and Mindy haven’t spoken since Lucia went from being cute to sexy. When Mindy finds herself on Lucia’s porch delivering pizza and wrapping up her bloody foot, their friendship is re-kindled. Things escalate quickly and Mindy finds herself spending almost all her

The Heart Thief by Holly Sharp

Edit: Please note, this book is no longer available  The Heart Thief by Holly Sharp is about a madman who is stealing organs from the people of a small, seaside town. Nobody knows how. Nobody knows why. And nobody knows who will be next. This brief description from Amazon does not properly set the scene for this tale. It is critical to know more about the setting of this book

Night Hunt by LL Raand

Night Hunt by LL Raand is book 3 of the Midnight Hunters series. See the reviews for The Midnight Hunt (book 1) and Blood Hunt (book 2) if you haven’t read them yet. This book differs from the first two because a secondary character now becomes one of the lead characters in the book. While we still see the main characters from the first two books they are no longer

Blood Hunt by LL Raand

Blood hunt by LL Raand is the second book in the Midnight Hunters series. Check out my review of the first book if you haven’t yet. In this book Sylvan, the Wolf Were Alpha discovers that adolescent Were females are going missing. Sylvan, Drake, Jody and Becca are back in the sequel to The Midnight Hunt. This time the stakes are higher than ever and Sylvan is somewhat distracted. Pros

The Midnight Hunt by LL Raand

The Midnight Hunt by LL Raand is a fun, supernatural lesbian book. This is the beginning of the Midnight Hunters series featuring lesbian werewolves and vampires. There are four main characters in this book and two overlapping story lines. The first is Medic Drake McKennan. She is bitten by a teenager while trying to save her life. Unfortunately the teenager was in the throes of Were fever which means that Drake also