A main character or strong secondary character who identifies as being on the Asexual spectrum

Learning Curves by Ceillie Simkiss

Learning Curves by Ceillie Simkiss is a charming novella about finding that one special person you never realized you couldn’t live without. Elena is a hardworking law student who aspires to work as a family lawyer to help kids who fall into the foster care system. She doesn’t have time for much else, especially a love life. Cara is working on her MBA and finds herself in the same business

Outcaste by Fletcher DeLancey: Book Review

Outcaste by Fletcher DeLancey is the next book in the Chronicles of Alsea series. Though the title states that Outcaste is the 6th book in the Chronicles of Alsea series, it did not feel like a sequel, or even the prequel that it could have been. It is a coming of age tale that spans well into adulthood for a woman named Rahel Sayana. She lives in a world of

Perfect Rhythm by Jae

Perfect Rhythm by Jae is a wonderful story that provides a beautiful representation for the asexual community. Even if you don’t know or don’t understand what Asexual is, it illustrates that even two people who identify differently in their sexuality can find common ground and build a loving, passionate relationship. Leontyne “Leo” Blake sings about love to millions of fans every night. Personally, she has lost all belief that love