A main character or strong secondary character from NZ.

Alice And Jean by Lily Hammond

Alice & Jean by Lily Hammond is a post-WWII romance set in small town New Zealand. Alice Holden finds herself living in small town New Zealand in 1946 – a widow with two small children, a domineering Mother and an unwanted local suitor. And then there is Jean. Jean delivers Alice’s milk each morning, and with it a healthy dose of desire and confusion for Alice. Alice slowly comes to

Finding Love Down Under by Donna Jay

Finding Love Down Under by Donna Jay is a sensual romantic first foray into lesbian fiction. Claire Evans lives on a secluded vineyard in the New Zealand countryside, hoping the solitude will help her heal from her disastrous breakup with her previous girlfriend. On a rare visit to town, she bumps into Zoe Anderson when she stops for a bite to eat. Zoe is running from her own troubled relationship