A main character or strong secondary character who is from any latin American country or with family roots from a latin American country.

Certain Requirements by Elinor Zimmerman

Certain Requirements by Elinor Zimmerman is a kinky, butch/femme erotic romance that’s surprisingly sweet. Phoenix Gomez is excited to start the next phase of her life. After years of training, as well as scrimping and saving at a job she doesn’t like, she’s finally quitting so she can focus full time on building a career as an aerial dancer (think Cirque du Soleil). Everything is perfect until her best friend

Learning Curves by Ceillie Simkiss

Learning Curves by Ceillie Simkiss is a charming novella about finding that one special person you never realized you couldn’t live without. Elena is a hardworking law student who aspires to work as a family lawyer to help kids who fall into the foster care system. She doesn’t have time for much else, especially a love life. Cara is working on her MBA and finds herself in the same business

Change of Pace by Jae: Book Review

Change of Pace by Jae is the most recent in the Portland Police Bureau Series. While this is a short story, it is also a very important story. Setting us in a weekend filled with family, friends, and moving boxes, Jae shows us that the road to acceptance starts with a change of pace. Kade Matheson’s week just got a whole lot worse. Her old-fashioned mother, Sophie Matheson, has decided

Next Of Kin by Jae: Book Review

Next Of Kin by Jae is the next instalment of the Portland Police Bureau Series. Picking up a few months after the events of Conflict of Interest, we are able to see Jae perform the delicate balancing act of keeping us abreast of Aiden and Dawn’s progress and giving us a more in-depth look into the lives of other characters. Deputy District Attorney Kade Matheson has a well-ordered life. Well,

Timing Is Everything by Alison R Solomon: Book Review

Timing Is Everything by Alison R Solomon is a mystery set in the small town of Gulfport, Florida and the first in The Gulfport Mystery series. Kat Ayalon is the popular chef at Gulfport’s swankiest hotel restaurant. She dreams of opening her own teahouse one day and her best friend, Wynn is her main source of encouragement. Kat’s relationship history has left her reticent about meeting someone new. When one

Both Ends Of The Whip by Brenda Murphy

Both Ends Of The Whip by Brenda Murphy is a story about accepting who you are, learning the delicate art of giving and receiving love and expressing your sexual desires without shame. Octavia really wants to be free to explore both sides of her sexual nature—her dominant and submissive sides. She knows she will never be able to fully explore her desires if she remains employed at an elite house

Lucky 7 by Rae D Magdon: Book Review

Lucky 7 by Rae D Magdon is an intensely hot gender-bending cyberpunk adventure. Right in the beginning we’re introduced to Elena Nevares who is a jacker. In this future world most people have implants that allow them to connect to virtual reality, but while the average citizens are novices in the alternate reality, jackers are the professionals. They hack code from the inside and are vital to any ops team.

Homicide in Hatteras by Kate Merrill

Homicide in Hatteras by Kate Merrill is a mystery with a captivating support cast and a pile of surprises that will leave you guessing until the end. In the second of Kate Merrill’s Amanda Rittenhouse mystery series, lead characters Amanda Rittenhouse and her psychiatrist girlfriend Sara Orlando are suddenly thrust into a missing person mystery when one of Sara’s patients, Tammy, disappears. Thinking that Tammy’s mother might have some information

Rules Of The Road by K Aten

Rules Of The Road by K. Aten is a story about learning to move on from major setbacks in life, accepting people as they are and opening your heart to love no matter how difficult it can be. Jamie never allows anyone to get too close to her but she surely knows how to put a smile on any woman’s face. Kelsey’s job as a dental assistant has its embarrassing

Party Wall by Cheyenne Blue

Party Wall by Cheyenne Blue is an opposites attract romance set in a small town in Australia. Freya owns a new age shop and teaches yoga in Grasstree Flat, helping local women rise above their physical needs as they achieve peace through spiritual endeavours. Her ire is raised and her life is turned upside down when a female-focused sex shop opens next door and its owner moves into the upstairs