A main character or strong secondary character who is an unattached mother and raising her child predominately alone. Someone can also be a single mother if they are divorced but have custody of the child or if the other parent is involved but not as often.

In Fashion by Jody Klaire

In Fashion by Jody Klaire is a fabulous opposites attract, celebrity romance between a girl next door and one of the best ice queens I’ve seen in all of 2018. Darcy McGregor might not be a supermodel anymore, but she uses everything she learned from her experience to transform people on her makeover reality show, The Style Surgeon. While Darcy can see room for improvement no matter where she looks,

Prescription For Love by Radclyffe

Prescription For Love by Radclyffe is a wonderful, angsty romance and I just didn’t want to stop listening. So when it ended I started it all over again. Abigail Remy has just joined the Rivers country hospital as the new ER chief. Not only is this a significant promotion for her, but she has the opportunity to give her transgender son a fresh start in a close-knit community. It seems

Ariana by Emma Nichols

Ariana by Emma Nichols is a second chance romance story that underscores the importance of letting your heart guide your decisions instead of financial gains and reconnecting with your soulmate. Ariana Carter-Cruz is tired—emotionally, physically and financially. After her long and drawn out divorce, she is just happy that she can finally move on with her life and get as far away as possible from her domineering mother and her

The Curvy Side Of Life by Suzie Carr

The Curvy Side Of Life by Suzie Carr is a sweet story that focuses on the curves that show up on the road of life. When we’re confronted with these curves, it’s best to turn into them to maximize the best possible outcome. With her divorce safely in the rearview mirror, Faith Miller is ready to move on. However, a few unavoidable obstacles have popped up to keep her from

No Greater Love than Mine by Harper Bliss

No Greater Love than Mine by Harper Bliss is a second chance romance novella that packs a big punch. After a gunshot wound to the shoulder, Detective Angela Hill can’t return to active duty until she goes through a handful of therapy sessions. Angela’s lack of interest in therapy isn’t helped by her disdain for the guy she’ll have to meet with, thanks in no small part to his bad

Love Bites by Lila Bruce

Love Bites by Lila Bruce is a sweet, second chance, romance novel that hits all the familiar notes I expect in a romance. Love Bites is NOT a paranormal vampire romance. Now that we have that sorted out, let’s get to the review. Twelve years is a long time to nurse a broken heart, but when Ashley Baldwin parted ways with her college girlfriend, Peyton Maxwell, it was explosive. There

Gold by EJ Noyes

Gold by EJ Noyes gives us an insight on how the road to recovery is not only about rediscovering who you are but what you desire. Pro alpine skier Aspen Archer was on top of the world. That is, until a career-ending crash at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics threw her off the mountain, literally and figuratively. Since then, Aspen has done her best to pick up her broken body and

Charming Memory by EL Bossert: Book Review

Charming Memory by EL Bossert is a wonderful, feel-good romance that is as comforting as a favorite throw blanket and a fresh batch of homemade brownies. This is the type of story that I crave every so often to block out all the nonsense going on in the world. Feel free to skip to the end of this review and purchase this book right now. Well-known actress, Jamie Jordan spends

Once Upon a Princess by Harper Bliss and Clare Lydon: Book Review

Once Upon a Princess by Harper Bliss and Clare Lydon is the ultimate rich girl/poor girl romance. Olivia Charlton is a princess and fourth in line to the throne. She’s always dreamed she’d marry for love, but that doesn’t appear to be in the cards for her. Her mother, the Queen of England, has ordered Olivia to marry someone suitable, leaving her unhappily announcing an engagement to the world with

Add Romance And Mix by Shannon M Harris

Add Romance And Mix by Shannon M Harris is a sweet small-town romance that I couldn’t believe I found. At first, I was drawn to the cover and the exhilaration at finding another story that used baking as a romantic instrument. Briley Anderson hasn’t had a serious relationship for a while. Instead she spends her time flipping houses and baking treats for all of her neighbors. Well, almost all of