A woman dresses and behaves like a man in order to pass for one. Not necessarily a butch character (but often is). This is often a case of having to pass as a man in order to survive or be safe.

Pioneering by K’Anne Meinel

Pioneering by K’Anne Meinel is the third book in the Vetted Series. This lovely story emphasizes the point that love makes a family and anything is possible when everyone in a family works together to achieve a common goal.  The long and perilous journey from the east to the west is over and the real test of patience and endurance has begun. Erin, Molly and their children have arrived in

Rebeccah And The Highwayman by Barbara Davies

Rebeccah And The Highwayman by Barbara Davies could easily be the prototype for the lesbian highwayman romance. In early 18th century England, Rebeccah Dutton is strangely drawn to the gallant masked robber who stops her family’s coach. In a moment of sentimentality, the outlaw allows Rebeccah to keep her late father’s signet ring while stripping the family of their other money and jewelry. That sentiment is repaid when “Blue-Eyed Nick”

The Princess Deception by Nell Stark: Audiobook Review

The Princess Deception by Nell Stark is a fun interpretation of Twelfth Night and the third novel in the Princess Affair series. It’s a standalone story, so you don’t have to have read The Princess Affair or The Princess and the Prix first (although if you have read them, you’ll definitely want to check this one out too!). Belgium is poised to bid on hosting the next World Cup, thanks

Cavalcade by KAnne Meinel

Cavalcade by K’Anne Meinel is a romantic historical novel about facing your fears and taking risks anyway and creating a family with love as the sturdy foundation. Everything happens for a reason, right? After the death of her parents and losing the farm to the bank, Molly tries really hard to find the silver lining in her predicament. Molly was beyond grateful for Erin’s generosity because she took her in

The Covert Captain by Jeannelle M Ferreira

The Covert Captain: Or, A Marriage Of Equals by Jeannelle M. Ferreira is quite simply the best, most enjoyable lesbian Regency romance I have read so far. (And I’m something of a collector of the genre.) Captain Nathaniel Flemming comes home from the battle of Waterloo traumatized by the war, struggling on a peacetime half-pay salary, and still carrying the secret held since the day of enlistment: that Nathaniel is

The Crown Valencia by Catherine Friend

The Crown of Valencia by Catherine Friend is the artfully crafted sequel to her book The Spanish Pearl. Catherine Friend is fast becoming one of those authors you could just hand me one of her books without any preamble or reading the synopsis and I would just start reading. And with that I will leave you with this; My fellow readers, ever hear of the butterfly effect? The loose definition is

The Spanish Pearl by Catherine Friend

The Spanish Pearl by Catherine Friend was one of those books that I wished my first time could have been in paperback. I know for a fact that I will also be buying a physical copy of this book if only to have and to hold. Kate’s girlfriend Anna is HUGE on history, especially Spain’s history. During their trip to Spain Kate gets herself sucked back in time, back to

The Escape Artist by Judith Katz

The Escape Artist by Judith Katz is a Jewish lesbian historical novel that brings together magic, sex, and suspense in a thrilling package that’s not quite like anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s 1913 and Sofia Teitelbaum is a sweet 16-year-old living in Poland. Her family isn’t wealthy, but she’s happy enough, especially since she loves her friend Tamar. Out of nowhere one day, her parents are drawn in by

Crossing The Wide Forever by Missouri Vaun

Crossing The Wide Forever by Missouri Vaun is a wonderful romance and it has one of my favorite themes – women who dress as men to get a fair shot. In this one we meet Cody and Lillie. Cody escapes her father’s beatings by taking her sister and running away from home. She drops her sister with their aunt and embarks on a journey out of Arkansas towards California. The

Backwards To Oregon by Jae: Book Review

Backwards To Oregon by Jae is a historical novel about the trail to Oregon, the hardships it brings, and Luke and Nora Hamilton. Brooklyn and I (Tara) chose it as the first book in our new book club and we hope you all love Backwards to Oregon as much as we do. Nora has been a prostitute for three years. By living as “Fleur,” the highest paid girl working for