Someone who makes money doing illegal things.

No More Pretending by Bette Hawkins: Book Review

No More Pretending by Bette Hawkins is an entertaining and charming contemporary romance that tells the story of outgoing, confident, and straight film actress Lauren Langham and small town diner waitress Harper Ward. But in this nicely-written debut novel, things aren’t always as they appear on the surface. Lauren has come to the quaint little town in Texas to shoot her current movie, another in a long string of romantic

Rebeccah And The Highwayman by Barbara Davies

Rebeccah And The Highwayman by Barbara Davies could easily be the prototype for the lesbian highwayman romance. In early 18th century England, Rebeccah Dutton is strangely drawn to the gallant masked robber who stops her family’s coach. In a moment of sentimentality, the outlaw allows Rebeccah to keep her late father’s signet ring while stripping the family of their other money and jewelry. That sentiment is repaid when “Blue-Eyed Nick”

Actual Stop by Kara A McLeod

Actual Stop by Kara A McLeod is a romantic thriller featuring two Special Agents with a history. Special Agent Ryan O’Connor seems to have life pretty well sorted. She loves her job, and her girlfriend, well… love is a strong word, but she is getting there. Her work relationships are a little difficult, but if that’s the worst part of her life, things are pretty good. That is, until Special

Heist by MJ Duncan

Heist by MJ Duncan is a story that illustrates the choices we make out of obligation, if not careful, can cost us the most valuable thing on this Earth: the love of a good woman. I have been a fan of Duncan’s since her debut in 2013. Every new story she has released has been a treat because I’ve been able to see the evolution of her writing. In Heist,

Genuine Gold by Ann Aptaker

Genuine Gold by Ann Aptaker is the 3rd book in the Cantor Gold Crime Series, and it is as captivating as the first two books. Whilst it is a series, I believe you could read this volume as a stand-alone, although it would not give you the richness of character that Cantor Gold deserves. Time has moved on, so that it is now 1952 and this novel focuses more on

Hunter's Pursuit by Kim Baldwin

Hunter’s Pursuit by Kim Baldwin is about former killer for hire, Katarzyna (Kat) aka Hunter. One day Kat is taking a walk in the snow outside her remote bunker when she sees a car that has crashed. She goes to help and finds a woman who has been badly injured. Kat has no choice but to pull the woman from the wreckage and get her back to the bunker. But

The Schuyler House by Cade Haddock Strong

The Schuyler House by Cade Haddock Strong is a story about learning valuable life lessons from painful circumstances, opening one’s heart to love and making positive changes in one’s life. Mattie Pearson lives a double life and as a result of this she has to leave behind everything that she holds dear to her heart. She has absolutely no choice but to leave the only place she once considered her

A Heist Story by Ellen Simpson

A Heist Story by Ellen Simpson is an edgy crime thriller with a whole pile of twists. Marcey Daniels is an ordinary 25 year old living at home with her Mother, until art thief Charlie Mock leaves her a journal of sorts in his will. When Marcey discovers that this book is coveted by many, including Interpol agent Wei and her lover (and art counterfeiter) Kat, she hatches a plan

Four Steps by Wendy Hudson

Four Steps by Wendy Hudson is a lesbian romantic suspense novel set in Scotland. Alex Ryan lives alone on her family farm, the scene of a violent crime when she was a child.  Over the years she has created a safe circle of friends who are like family, and has the fierce love of her best friend Jess, her ally and protector.  One place she finds peace is hiking the

Requiem for Immortals by Lee Winter

Requiem For Immortals by Lee Winter is guaranteed to get under your skin and stay there because it is just so good. The story is about Natalya and Alison. Natalya is a highly regarded cellist. Staying on top of her game requires rigorous discipline and training. But so does being the assassin Requiem which is the other part of her life. One day she is sent a contract to kill