This is aimed at the older teen and young 20s market. The stories are generally more sophisticated and include sex scenes.

Apophis by Eliza Lentzski

Apophis by Eliza Lentzski is an interesting take on the young adult romance. In addition to getting a great story, we see just how important love is when it seems all hope is gone. In 2004, scientists spotted the asteroid that would plunge the world into the first Ice Age in 12,000 years. They named is 99942 Apophis, and two years after its impact survival is all that matters. Samantha

Marriage of Unconvenience by Chelsea M. Cameron

Marriage of Unconvenience by Chelsea M. Cameron is quite possibly the cutest f/f romance I’ve ever read. Reading it is like eating an amazing cupcake because it’s super sweet and fills you up—but, you know, with feels and not cake. Lauren “Lo” Bowman has lost her job and now she’s in a panic. She was already living pretty lean, so she won’t be able to afford rent if she doesn’t

First Love by CJ Harte

First Love by CJ Harte is a sweet new adult romance that’s a little like Romeo and Juliet, but with lesbians and without anyone dying (hooray!). Jordan Thompson is the President’s daughter, so all eyes are on her as she goes to college in Florida. Always toeing the line and never questioning her parents’ conservative beliefs, she’s the perfect child to support her Republican father as he plans a reelection

Enchanters by KF Bradshaw

Enchanters by KF Bradshaw is an epic YA fantasy adventure quest full of heroic battles, magic and camaraderie. Damea has been facing a crisis of dwindling resources for years. Magic, once bountiful, powered everything on the planet from its cities to its farm equipment. Enchanters were the cornerstone of Damean society, manipulating magic to improve every facet of its citizen’s lives. With the magic all but gone, Enchanters are now

Learning Curves by Ceillie Simkiss

Learning Curves by Ceillie Simkiss is a charming novella about finding that one special person you never realized you couldn’t live without. Elena is a hardworking law student who aspires to work as a family lawyer to help kids who fall into the foster care system. She doesn’t have time for much else, especially a love life. Cara is working on her MBA and finds herself in the same business

The Missing Comatose Woman by Sarah Ettritch

The Missing Comatose Woman by Sarah Ettritch is a new adult, cozy mystery story that deals with learning the gentle art of loving, finding your purpose in life and following your dreams. Casey Cook is the new kid on the block in the private eye business. She is eager to prove herself and she never thought that she would get a case to find a missing person, but there’s one

Seeing Red by Cara Malone: Book Review

Seeing Red by Cara Malone is a delightful, contemporary retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. Set in Grimm Falls, we meet Hunter a young woman who is desperately trying to look after her sister, Piper, and nephews. But money is tight and she has to juggle a job as a nurses aid, babysitting and paying the bills. The sisters work hard to earn enough to keep a roof over their

The Archer by K Aten

The Archer by K. Aten is the second book in the Arrow of Artemis Series. Sometimes the path your ancestors lay down for you is the path you do not choose to follow. Kyri was born and raised to become a master fletcher but she decides to remain with the Telequire Amazon tribe. She makes herself invaluable to them by using her skills to protect and serve them. Change is

Unconventional Lovers by Annette Mori

Unconventional Lovers by Annette Mori is a story about healing from past hurts, doing what brings you joy and breaking away from other people’s expectations. Bri and Siera are young women who just want to follow their hearts and live their lives by doing the things that make their souls sing. This should have been a simple task but the world is not kind to people who do not measure

The Amnesia Project by Barbara Winkes

The Amnesia Project is a suspenseful romance with a dystopian twist about a missing teenager, a young woman who can’t let go, and the twisted paths that lead them towards the truth, and each other. Dani and her two best friends, Alice and Joy, are all set for their last big adventure together before they head off into the real world. That is, until Alice’s parents decide they should take